Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a few Videos for the Weekend

You should take note of the water level in the bowl.

Can you see the water level in this one?

Poor Put Upon Emma - but look at her fur!!


LinnieGayl said...

That's so strange. I have never seen a cat play in water like that. I wonder what it's all about?

C2 said...

I think Ms Pixie wants to swim! You should definitely put her in the know, for the sake of science. LOL

CindyS said...

LinnieGayl - my Mom's cat would sit on the sink and we would leave the tap on a low drip. He would sit and there and play with the water and then put his head in and be surprised when the water pooled on his head. He also loved having the his fur blow dried. Love that cat!

C2 - hmmm, science. Yeah. Or video ;) Tonight I was able to trim all 4 sets of claws. Have never done that to a cat but the people we got her from don't want her declawed. All are cats were declawed so learning to keep her nails trimmed is, uh, stressful - for me!!

Kristie (J) said...

It makes you wonder if Pixie might be that rare cat that actually likes swimming! Have you tried her in the bathtub with a bit of water in it? Not that I want to give you bad ideas in case she is the normal cat who hates water, but she sure does seem to have swimming moves down *g*.

~ames~ said...

I want to see Pixie in a bath tub!! LOL

My old white cat used to do that, drove us crazy because it was the communal water dish for all the animals and we'd have to fill it up all the time. Eventually we got a CatIt water bowl which has a dome with water flowing down it. He LOVED that.