Monday, November 02, 2009

I Bought Books!

I'm easily swayed by other readers. Actually, it doesn't take much to get me to buy a book. Heck, Rosie hasn't even reviewed it yet but she used my favourite descriptor - dark!

So Bob can blam-thank Rosie!

Ava Gray - never heard of her but I love her first name. I'm not trying to be a snot - just hadn't heard her name before but she's also Ann Aguirre who I haven't read yet either.

Anyways, Rosie mentioned the book on her blog and how she thought it was great and oh by the way, it's dark but great.

I clicked over to Chapters from her blog.

I'm that easy.

Huh, look at that - I think it's a paranormal! Awesome. It also looks like it'll be the first in a series. No comment.

Since I mentioned this book earlier in the week I'm thinking you won't be surprised that I ordered Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh.

What I didn't know was an Anthology called An Enchanted Season was also due November 3rd and oh look! Singh is in that one too!

I love when that happens.

And I can't remember now who it was that told me Elizabeth Hoyt has a new title out on the 3rd also. Had to get that!

To Desire a Devil by Hoyt added to order.

That's it for the book order. I hope it shows up this week but we'll see.

As to life - I managed to get my Health Card renewed (it expired on my birthday over 2 months ago - Bad Cindy) AND applied for a passport this morning.

It's amazing the stuff I can get done during 'normal' business hours.

Bob's away until tomorrow night which is normally fine but for some reason my anxiety has kicked it up a notch. I will decide to do something and then hesitate and then avoid.

Avoidance is not a good way to deal with anxiety.

Still, I gave myself a pass today. Sure I went and did a bunch of stuff in the city and didn't bat an eyelash. Went to call my mother to ask her to lunch and hung up before the dialing finished. Whoops. Not sure where that anxiety nugget was hiding but I let it win for today.

On a completely different note I haven't heard Boo from my Gorgeous Cousin. Bob thinks she's mad at us. I'm trying not to think at all.

Crap. Just realized as I was typing that sentence, that not thinking about it is typical avoidance. Double Crap.

I tell ya what, let's end on the fun of opening up the mailbox to find a box of brand new shiny books.

Yeah, that works.


Marg said...

I need to buy the new Elizabeth Hoyt book! Enjoy your reads.

Wendy said...

You did know the anthology is a reprint, right? Came out in 2007 as a trade paperback. Although interestingly enough, Maggie Shayne was listed as the "lead" author on that edition. Nalini is moving up in the world!

CindyS said...

Thanks Marg!

Wendy - uh, NOOOOOO! Another reason to not like trade backs - I'm not as good at remembering to look at the pb to see if previously published. Looks like a return to the store.

And Singh should definitely be moving on up!


nath said...

Hey Cindy :)

Good haul LOL :) I'm hesitating about Skin Game. Didn't like her other book, so not sure about this one... Let me know if you read it :D

For a second, I was... Didn't you win that anthology on my blog? :) And then, I realized it was The Magical Cat :) I hope you enjoy the Singh novella in this one :) It was very cute! :D

Interestingly enough, I haven't really heard of Maggie Shayne in the past few months...

and give it time for your Gorgeous Cousin. I don't think she's angry at you, but at the same time, it's normal she doesn't want to get chummy with you at the moment :( It sucks to the bearer of bad news :(