Sunday, November 22, 2009

How Time Flies!


I've been a touch busy and by busy I mean I procrastinated all week while trying to write up Mini-poll results.

Bad Cindy.

They should be out next week sometime.

Okay, so where were we?


I'm all good. NyQuil is worth every dime let me tell ya. I didn't feel great Friday but by Sunday morning right as rain. Yay!

Tuesday (I think it was Tues or maybe Wed) I went and stood in the public line up for the H1N1 shot. It was finally opened to everyone. Bout friggin' time. Meanwhile, the people in the line were the elderly and kids. So, where you people been for the 3 weeks you could have had the line to yourself!? It was an 1 1/2 wait but I brought a book and people were envious of my intelligence for not showing up with nothing but the clothes on my back. Duh.

For those wanting to know the book - Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh (haven't had time to get back to it but I have enjoyed the start!)

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur.

So get this. I'm now addicted to the treadmill. I can't go a night without getting on the damn thing. I was up to 50 minutes every night.

Now, last night I kinda hurt myself. See, I walk on the treadmill in the dark.

No!! I can explain!

The room the treadmill is in has had it's shades removed (BOB!!!!) and if I put on the light during the night people can see in. Normally no big deal except my neighbour comes home at all different hours of the night so I don't want anyone seeing me in my sweaty clothes with my droopy pony-tail. Yes. I know the world doesn't revolve around me but hey, people don't need a mental imagine of me sweating to whatever I got playing on my iPod.

So yeah, the dark. The only light in the room is from my iPod and I'll flash it at the information board every once in a while to see how long I've been on or what my speed is.

Well, last night I was doing the speed of the treadmill by touch. I would push the 'speed up' button twice which should have meant I was at a comfortable 2.8. So I'm walking along.

And I'm walking.

And I'm puffing.

Okay, I don't normally sweat like this!?

I feel faint.

And I'm walking.

Finally I flash the light on the information panel to check the time and I've just hit 30 minutes - OMG, I'm dying.

I then notice the speed.


I had been hoofin' it at 3 for like 10 minutes (I haven't walked at 3 yet since starting because I get exhausted faster)

I take it back to 2.8 only my legs feel like rubber.


I made it to 42 minutes before I had to stop.

I don't like to feel like puking after exercising so last night was not a big win for me.

Tonight I've been avoiding the room.


I'll get on the treadmill after I post this.

The bad news is Bob is sick. Yep. Thursday night he woke up and told me he throat felt horrible.

Now. If it had been me, NyQuil. No question.

Bob insisted he had to go to work on Friday. (I love him but seriously, dumbass)

So no NyQuil for Bobby.

Friday night he's not feeling so great but it's not going to keep him down.


I knew he was feeling really bad when he crawled back to bed at 10am. He slept till 1pm. He then crawled back in a 4pm.

I feel bad for him but hey, NyQuil. I'm just saying.

Oh and H1N1 shot.

Bob's not sure he wants the shot.

Boo-yah baby. Being sick sucks! I'll take the damn shot and be glad of it.

Meanwhile, the rest of my family is waiting to see if I'll grow fins or something.

Hope you are all well!!

*sigh* Off to walk on the treadmill.

Update: Bob is feeling much better after I drugged him up. Sunday he spent renovating in the room next to our bed. Where I was trying to sleep with sledgehammering, saws and drills going off for hours. But I'm glad he's feeling better! I did get on the treadmill and I did again tonight - actually hit 58 minutes. Killer shocked.


Megan Frampton said...

Yay for getting addicted to the treadmill! Gotta say, the image of you walking in the dark cracks me up.

It's all good for your heart, Cindy, so good going.

C2 said...

Perhaps a candle in the treadmill room? ;-) I'm such a klutz - I can only admire you for not flying backwards across the room at some point after hitting the super-speed button or some such thing. LOL

ReneeW said...

That a good addiction! Really impresses me :) What a funny story and cat picture. I'd be afraid I'd hurt myself doing that. Hope Bob gets well quick.

CindyS said...

Megan - imagine the arms flailing to the music too - that'll get you laughing ;)

C2 - the iPod does shed enough light and then my eyes get used to the dark so it's all good - yeah, I worry about flying off every once in a while but that's when I start backing the speed off!!

ReneeW - Being a huge klutz I can say the first week was dicey but the treadmill has a place for your hands so that would steady me. I do notice now though that I don't need to use them anymore for bracing and I don't feel as dizzy getting off the treadmill.

Now if only I would stop eating!!


Lynn Spencer said...

Good for you! I should get a little more addicted to the treadmill as I'm starting pick up my cats' exercise routine instead. Not good.

Bookwormom said...

Stopping by to say hi. Doubt I'm coordinated enough to walk on a treadmill in the dark, but good for you!! Lord knows I need regular exercise myself. Hope Bob is better soon (and put a shade in the window for you!).