Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bob's New Lament

It's also my new lament.

WTF!? Why are we hearing about a green Christmas yet again!!

See, Bob and I get to host Christmas once every three years. This year it's our year (and boy do I need to get cracking but that's for another post) and we are hearing that snow will probably not be in the forecast.

3 years ago there was no snow. In fact, it was a beautiful balmy day that had us wearing T-shirts outdoors. Green, green, green.

The last 2 years have been white in the extreme. Bob and I have traveled in some seriously bad weather but hey, it's Christmas and I'll turn will come around again.


Maybe new tradition this year. Christmas day swim. Too bad we closed the pool already.

Ah well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends! I wish you all great heath and comfort and try not to head out shopping on that black Friday day (or maybe it's another colour) - just stay safe!


C2 said...

Boooo for green Christmas. }:-(

And no shopping for me tomorrow...that's just crazy talk. My mom and I will be putting up the parental tree. LOL

LinnieGayl said...

Thanks, Cindy!

Definitely no shopping for me today....and there are even some things I need.

Lynn Spencer said...

A green Christmas? Oh no! I'm used to it down here, but I hope up north, you get a nice white Christmas after all.

Re: Friday shopping - you could not pay me enough to join that supercrowded madness.

nath said...

Well I'm not really looking for snow, but I have to admit, it's really weird to have such nice weather in November ^_^;

well I hope the weather turns and we'll have a white Christmas... just enough to cover the ground ;)