Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Already!?

I tell ya, I have no clue where Oct/Nov went but BAM it's December!

Anxiety has decided to take me head on and I'm not sure what it's beef is but fun it ain't. I've caught myself a few times just wanting to head back home because I wasn't 'feeling right'. Realizing a bit late it was anxiety kept me from making bad decisions and I kept on heading in the right direction. Eg. going to breakfast with my BF on Monday morning instead of calling her back 20 minutes before we were to meet to say 'can't' and knowing she would understand. Also thinking about how far from home one of my destinations was today and not turning the car around when the anxiety hit.

So I'm winning but I wish it'd just back off me already.

Then there is the sleep.

All torqued up and knowing that I don't really operate the same during daylight hours doesn't help. That said, I'm getting some of the errands off the list. I'm also hoping to get most if not all my Christmas shopping done this week.

My biggest problem (and maybe why I'm anxious) this year is I have not one clue for Bob. I don't want to spend gobs of money and at the same time I don't want to buy him clothes and stuff (which I do normally buy for him).

Bob, bless him, keeps saying the fence and the renos he's been doing are his present. And really, they should be, cause - wow.

But that's not the point of Christmas so I'm going to have to put the thinking cap on and get on it.

I've decided this time of year is useless for me and reading.

Add Bob and his plaster dust to the equation and my entire (and yes, entire) house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Thing is I only want to have to do it once. So I've been waiting to see what else Bob's going to decide on doing before Christmas.

My Gorgeous Cousin has already commented about the last time we hosted Christmas and how Bob had still been working on the bathroom on the Eve.

I didn't throw anything at her.

And on a 'bloody hell' note, her boyfriend is still around.

Makes my skin crawl but I guess I have to let her live her own life.

So that's the weekly update. Hopefully I'll watch a great movie or something and my blogging mojo will re-emerge.


Jenster said...

I've lost my blogging mojo, too. And worse, my reading mojo. In fact, I don't think I have any mojo at all. I guess that makes me Austin Powers.

I'm sorry about the anxiety, but I'm glad you're kicking its butt. Hopefully it will get tired of it and go away altogether!

~ames~ said...

Ugh, I can't believe your cousin still has that guy around. Hopefully she wises up and shows him the exit. There's something to be hopeful for.

Could you buy Bob some tools or something? LOL He seems like a handy kind of guy. *g*

OR! A vacuum...for all the dust. hehehe

C2 said...

Yup, I think ames is right - a vacuum is just the ticket. ;-)

And yay for whipping up on the anxiety! (((Cindy)))

Tara Marie said...

Anxiety sucks. My mom suffered with it for years, she's much better now.

I'm going to 3rd the vacuum idea :) They have those cool ones that are like big metal backpacks, kind of like landscaper leaf blowers, but in reverse.

nath said...

It doesn't matter the size of the steps you're taking, Cindy, because you're walking in the right direction :) You should be proud to be able to at least fight off your anxiety :)

I think you should be trinkets for Bob. Don't need anything big... or perhaps a puppy :)

Sorry to hear your cousin's BF is still in the picture. It's so easy to tell ourselves she should dump him... but reality is a different story I guess.