Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope You Had The Time of Your Life

Hope you all had a great Christmas - I'll be recovering for weeks.

In the realm of TMI I had the period from hell on Christmas Day. Since I was hosting I didn't take any pain pills because they normally knock me out. 4pm on Christmas day - Bob is napping, everyone else is playing and I'm on the couch thinking about how I'm just not going to make it. I was going to fall over or pass out or something. I took some tylenol and it took the edge off for the next few hours and I was able to get dinner served. After that I just looked at Bob and said I was done. Thankfully everyone else cleaned up after dinner as I couldn't move.

To say I ache all over is an understatement. I pulled stupid from the hat a few days before Christmas and wrapped all the gifts in one go. It was only when I stood up that I remembered why you don't do that. Sometime on Boxing Day I felt my shoulder muscle give like tearing bread. I've been icing it on and off since that night. Good thing I already had a Doc's visit for January cause wow, this thing hurts!

In total 4 straight days of people and prepping and cooking and making sure everyone was okay. Today was Bob's family and I totally wimped out and ordered in pizza. I couldn't cook again.

New things : Pixie is so terrified of people who aren't Bob and I. I had to get her down to her litter twice while people were in the house. Both times she actually played dead. Kitty fetal position. I felt horrible for her and some people have suggested that maybe we don't really have a new kitten - I tell them to look on Youtube. I did show her off a bit but like I said, she just hung in my arms like a rag. Poor monkey.

I got way too spoiled. I think I say that every year but seriously, we had a budget this year. Bob ignored it completely. So while he got a new sweater, 100 bucks from Rona from the kitties and a porcelain sign I got a Wii Fit and a HP Touchscreen computer - according to my nephew I have the absolute top of the line technology of our time to which someone replied - for the rest of the month.

It's awesome but of course, there are tweaking things that have to happen and I can't access my e-mail because I have no clue what my password is and the router we have for wireless also has a password and damn if I have that in my memory banks somewhere. So hopefully no one is writing to me and hoping for an answer cause I can't get to the e-mail.

Bob is back to work for the next two days and then I told him we have to have some Cindy and Bob time - crazy how you are with family for days and yet, you don't really have time with your loved ones. Weird.

Okay, hope you all had a great holiday and that you were spoiled. (I also got gift cards for books!!)

I have a Wii to set up, a treadmill to get back on and computer to figure out. And sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. And then reading. Lots and lots of reading. I really hope Jan/Feb are my months for reading!

Oh! Almost forgot. We have to take our tree down early because it's so dry it's a fire hazard. Yep, cut it on the 6th of December and it's been dropping needles ever since. I get depressed when the decorations come down so I'm not sure how I feel about them coming down early. Grrr.

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nath said...

LOL, poor Pixie ^_^; Guess she wasn't used to having so much people :D

and wow you got spoiled!! Lucky you!! Bad Bob for not respecting the budget though :(

So how many people were there? Did you get everything cleaned in time?

By the way, I sent you an email via facebook concerning your router password. Don't forget to check it :P