Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas for Adults

Welcome Advent Adventurers, hope you have been enjoying all the sights, sounds and recipes that have been shared! (I sure have!)

This post will be something a little different.

See, in our family, there are no children. Our youngest on Christmas is 24 years old now and the rest of us aren't exactly 'needing' anything nowadays. We've got the appliances and towels and blankets and a few years ago it became obvious that there wasn't anything any of us needed.

Christmas shopping became a horrid chore.

No really.

What do you buy for the people who have everything? (Okay, we don't have everything but I'm not buying anyone a sports car and how many years in a row do I need to buy my mother slippers!)

So Bob and I changed a few things up.

First time we realized it wasn't so much the gift as the novelty was when Bob built a wooden box around a gift for my Dad. He was able to build looking holes that went all the way through the box and others that had a little sign inside that said 'no peeking!'.

My father had to get a crowbar out to open the gift and in the end it wasn't the garden bell in the gift that had the family buzzing, it was the few days before, the curiosity of what it could possibly be that made the gift so much fun.

And that's when in almost a sigh of relief the entire family let the stress of gifting go. There was no meeting or discussion, it just happened.

Now it's about seeing a huge smile or a flat out belly laugh when one of us opens a gift.

For me, it's monkeys. I make monkey noises I get excited and name the monkey the minute I see it. I'm not sure how it is they can still get a reaction out of me but every year a silly monkey shows up and makes me laugh. (You can't see it but the baby monkeys all have goofy grins on their faces - this special bookend keeps me smiling to this day!)

For my father it's Owls and Eagles. This year we found an owl tea pot, an outrageous owl plaque and yes, a pencil with a silly owl on the top.

My Aunt was everything Mexican and I outdid myself when I bought her a giant purple Mexican sombrero.

For my hubby, it's anything 50's inspired or diner inspired. One year a few great minds thought alike and he ended up with two hot dog roller cookers (much to my chagrin).

So in the end, it wasn't about the gift for us anymore. It was about getting a reaction from the person getting the present. As my Dad notably said, 'I don't care if you get rid of it tomorrow, your reaction was enough for me'. And in the end, it seems the family agrees with him.

So if you just can't come up with an idea for that one person maybe play it outside of the box. Who knows you just might discover another side of your friends and family!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas indeed!

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readerbuzz said...

Yep, we are there, too. It's a nice feeling, a no-fuss Christmas, doing the things you enjoy and skipping those you do not.

Meryl said...

Very fun! The monkeys crack me up!

kaye said...

What a fun way to shake things up! I love your creativity.

Julia Smith said...

What a great post! I'm a huge fan of the reaction. When I find the gift that will get it, I've already had my flush of excitement. I just adore that reaction shot from your aunt!

sprite said...

I love the fun behind this idea!

Jenn said...

I love gifts like that. It's great that your family can all relax and enjoy it now because that's what it's all about. Great post!

Amy said...

*big deep sigh of relief* I'm showing my mom this post. She's just not getting it through her head that I don't *have* to have 25 Christmas presents to open on Christmas Day. I don't even need 1! It's the spirit and tradition of the holidays that I love. Dare I say it? Shopping is not the reason for the Season...

Excellent post, Cindy!

Kailana said...

What fun! I know that I am reaching that point, too. There are no kids left in my family at the moment either... Thanks for participating again and Happy Holidays!

Aarti said...

That's lovely! I enjoy the fun gift idea, and it seems to work very well for your family. Thanks for sharing :-)

Melissa said...

What fun! I think that's a great idea for Christmas (we have the same problem, except that we have all girls and even though they're small what do you get the youngest?!). The monkeys are hilarious.

Krissi said...

Your Christmas party must be full of laughter. Happy Holidays.

kiirstin said...

This sounds like so much fun. What a great way to have Christmas on your own terms.

Jo said...

I had a great time reading your post --- really sounds like a lot of fun!

Susan said...

I really enjoyed this post. I love that you buy each other silly things to make one another laugh!!! And they sometimes end up treasures too! Thank you so much for sharing this year.

Nan said...

What a completely unique and wonderful Advent posting! Thank you.

Court said...

Ha!! That's a brilliant idea with the novelty stuff. It would DEFINITELY provide for an amusing holiday season!