Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Exactly The Norm

Poor Bob.

Actually, before I suggest that Bob was hard done by this weekend let me tell you that he wasn't.

Nope. He was just WRONG!

The guy poked the bear and discovered C-Rex lurking just below the surface. And he did it twice in one weekend!

Last night he decided to start on tiling the entry way. Only after he had cut a few tiles did he call me to look at what he had done. Imagine my surprise when I discover that the tiles aren't all uniformly beige. Nope. They have grays and browns and some are just down right gorgeous (aren't they pretty? Bob had me take a picture of the layout so he wouldn't screw it up while I was sleeping. He still managed to put one tile in the wrong place but it wasn't a problem).

That said, he had one tile in a prime location that I didn't like (not in the picture). Keep in mind these tiles had not been glued down yet so I mention how I don't like the one tile and I get a snippy reply about how there are no extra tiles and I'll have to live with it.

Oh, no he dinn't!!

I let that one slid but while moving tiles and making decisions on where they should really be placed Bob's temper flared a few more times. On that last time C-Rex came out and started yelling with the number one thing on her mind being ' don't talk to me like that! '. Amazingly Bob's attitude was adjusted.

C-Rex curled back up and went to sleep knowing her work had been done.

Little did C-Rex realize that she would be called to duty yet again.

Now, just so you all know, when I say my house looks like a bomb hit it I'm not exaggerating. There is shit everywhere and you wanna know what? It ain't mine! Tools and screws and debris are everywhere including my kitchen island (why, why, why are there tools in the kitchen!?)

I can't even put laundry away so we've been living out of laundry baskets (with folded clothes) for weeks but as construction continues the baskets don't get all emptied and then I have clothes with no place to go.

To say I'm over it is an understatement. I can't even keep a room 'Bob' free for more than a day. I clean off our computer desk and get things in this tiny room put right just to stay sane and the next day my hubby has crap all over the place again.

I can't really talk about the Christmas tree and the boxes of ornaments all over the living room without having chest pains. See, there was a time when Bob and I would decorate the tree together. Now, not so much. So I've been dragging my feet and yeah, that one can be on me.

Now, we're hosting Christmas for 11 people this year. Bob has arranged the living room furniture in the best configuration he could come up with even though I think it's not very cozy. Fine. Whatever.

Tonight he starts talking about the ginormous hutch in our dining room and how maybe we can move it to the living room (that room without any extra space) and I have to stop him. Last night while with the family, Bob slept in a chair for about 4 hours, while the rest of us talked and played and one of the things I asked everyone was if they would be interested in having a puzzle set up during the 3 days they would be at our house to work on when wanting some down time.

It was agreed that that would be a nice idea.

So I mention to Bob tonight that I might need to move some of the furniture to put in a small game table for a puzzle.

Bob actually swore and got all mad and said obviously I hated the room the way it was and to do what I wanted.


C-Rex came out of no where.

I don't ask for friggin much and I am fairly even keeled with the dust and crap all over the place so yelling at me for having ONE request was way beyond the pale. C-Rex had a good 10 minutes of yelling and swearing and yes, Bob was a wee bit pale when she finished. He was still in a grump so he went off to work on the closet upstairs.

C-Rex paced her cage for another 1/2 hour before trying to settle down.

It helped that Bob apologized for getting me all worked up. And then I get all mushy and say stuff like 'sorry' when I'm still right.

Let's hope the next two weeks aren't like this weekend cause Bob isn't used to seeing me go all C-Rex on his ass.

Oh, my favourite was how C-Rex was 'DONE'. That's it, just DONE. Didn't give a frig about anything anymore and Christmas could go suck eggs.

C-Rex makes me laugh.

I sense coal might be coming soon.

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nath said...

Ohhh, well at least, your entryway is finally tiled!! :D

Poor Bob, I don't envy him his encounters with C-Rex, but unfortunately, he brings them on :(