Monday, December 07, 2009

Uh Houston - yeah, you know.


I strung up all the lights on our freshly cut Christmas tree (let me tell you, this tree doesn't have a soft spot anywhere and getting the lights up was like playing with a porcupine).

Every time I plug the tree in 2/3 of the tree blows out.

We've discovered a bulb that acts like a fuse and it blows out instead of maybe an entire string blowing out. We've changed that bulb a few times but the darn thing keeps tripping.

In all honesty, I so don't want to have to unravel all the lights off the tree as Bob has suggested.

So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has had a similar problem?

I'm wondering if I should put in another extension cord and run half the lights off a separate plug. Hey, it's all I got and I'm not sure the lights were made to have all 800 run off one circuit.

Wish me luck.

If you hear a roar sometime tomorrow it will be me, unraveling the darn strings off the tree.

Figures this season wouldn't start out easy.



Bev(QB) said...

When all else fails, read the directions. Chances are the lights tell you how many you can string together- usually 4 or 5. Once you've reached that limit, you've got to string another cord in there (trust me... been there/done that, blew many a fuse).

You can run multiple cords off the same outlet strip (use one with a breaker built in)- but one cord per receptacle on the outlet strip, don't piggyback the extension cords too because that's just asking for a fire.

C2 said...

You might hear an echoing scream from the south. Hmmph. I lost the top half of the white lights on my tree before I put the ornaments on so I reworked the cords and everything seemed to be fine. A day after the ornaments went up and the ladders went back to the garage, half (I think) of one string up near the top blew again. Curses!!