Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Early Ho, Ho!! & More Cheesy Fun!

Thanks to best bud from the west for finding these and posting them on Facebook.

Sorry, you know, things are a popping - Bob got our closet done tonight and I managed to clean out that entire room that was on the kitty video (Nath, sadly that was all from my closet - OMG). Then my hubby studiously put away all his clothes like he was a freakin' valet in another life!! We have people arriving tomorrow to stay over night and I got one of the two rooms put back to rights (actually the bedding is being washed now but I have to go to bed soon (2am) so I can be up in time for my friend dropping in at 1pm tomorrow.

The book room is a dust oasis - Bob will have to vacuum the entire room with one of the little brushes (he does do a great job but I wish he had started tonight instead of waiting till tomorrow to start). I found a few more gifts to wrap but for the most part I'm done and it looks like I've forgotten someone. Seriously. I'll probably have a nightmare tonight.

Aunt put a limit on the amount of money we could spend - as a rule we don't listen to her as a group but when she brings it up we try to be more frugal - yes, I've spent hundreds on GC alone but I scaled back this year. Too bad my parents got his with is also. Whoops!

I was also very frugal with Bob's gifts. He's been spending large for a while and he doesn't need anything except more trim and wood and stuff to finish the house. So the kitties got him GC for the store that sells the trim. And I got him a sweater and one of his porcelain signs for the fence. Exciting eh?

I did find a picture of him and his mom that he likes and went and bought a frame and special matt for it. I had such a hard time as it was digital and I was looking for a different picture and ran out of time to send it in and have it done professionally. So I printed the photo off on our laser printer but the paper says it's for inkjet printers. I couldn't find any photo paper than said for laser so I'll have to go with what I have. I will buy one of those GB sticks and then I can put on a whole bunch of pictures and have them printed off.

Another thing is Bob and I got a poster of Santa from our great friends this year and he wanted it framed. Having been through the process before I knew what was coming. So off we go and we pick out everything we need and it's 60% off framing at Michaels. Bob says 'oh, it'll be maybe 200 dollars' and I just smiled. 349.00 I go to pay and stuff and as we're walking out the store Bob looks at me and says 'Wow, I was not expecting that'! I asked the lady - are there people who pay for framing when it's not on sale? And she smiled and said, not really.

So that was kind of Bob's Christmas present also.

Oh yeah, now that I see the picture I remember Bob spend 100 bucks on that light. So yeah, Bob's been good ;)

Okay, I'll probably find time to get on again but just in case you are all traveling be safe and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

You're gift?

More cheese.

Thanks to best bud from the west for finding these and posting them on Facebook.


Amy said...

ROFL! OMG, that is hiliarious -- the Monkees video, not your post. I had to post it on my own Facebook... ;-)

The Santa print is gorgeous! And, whoa, I didn't know that framing and matte were so expensive. Ouch! I think I'll learn how to do my own!

Lea said...

Merry Christmas Cindy, I hope you and Bob enjoy a wonderful holiday.

All Best

C2 said...

Merry Christmas to you and Bob and the critters!

I'm jealous of the Santa!