Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading? Oh, Please Lord Let It Be!!

I haven't been able to sit still to read a book in a while and let me tell you I'm feeling it.

I'm grumpier and easily frustrated and I feel all stale in my brain.

Odd really.

I'm hoping the tree and the house will be decked out by the weekend. I'll start wrapping and OMG cards!! I forgot I have to do cards!

Then I'll do up the 'menu' for the three days family will be in the house so I know what I have to buy before the day AND ...

I'll try not to beat my head against a wall over thinking a gift for Bob. I'm just so out of options. In reality some coins have been dropping from Bob's pockets the last few weeks and since I know there will be a 10 % pay decrease in the New Year I'm a little touchy about money.

No, no, I'm grateful and blessed. I just don't want to over spend on Christmas this year. Problem is Bob's not always on the same field as I am and I end up with something that cost an arm and a leg and Bob's sitting with a few new shirts. I'm just saying. I shouldn't be the only one 'aware' of money.

In the New Year I'm going to become the HAMMER. Yep, I'm going to drop on the poor guy like iron.

I should feel bad but uh, no.

I so can't work my Princess ways in the poor house!

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nath said...

The joy of the holidays :D