Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Foiled Again!

I have such plans that spiral about in my brain that when reality strikes, I'm sufficiently depleted.

Doc's appointment was today. I was ready to embark on a food allergy quest. What in the world are the foods that wreak such havoc on my tummy. I was going to discover the little monsters that could destroy my digestive system for weeks on end and banish them from my diet.

Mission was a disaster.

Apparently there is no 'basis' of food allergies - there is no set of criminals they can check for and eliminate. Nope.

Food Allergists are there for the extreme food allergies. The ones where life and death are concerned.

Okay, from what I understand, if I had broken out in hives they could have had somewhere to start but because the only thing that is happening is in the tummy, there are no tests that can really help.

Sure, lactose intolerance testing. Been there, done that. I was told I wasn't lactose intolerant. I still won't drink milk to this day. I even tried lactose free milk and forget it. So basically my Doc asked what would change with a lactose intolerance test and my response was nothing. Whether it's positive or negative, I know I can't drink milk. I know real cream (and more and more that edible oil stuff called Cool Whip) can cause such pain that fainting has become a very real possibility.

But then, where does Pizza Hut pizza fit in? Can't eat a piece of that stuff without destroying the digestive system for months. That said, I can eat pizza from other places without any harm (discovered this by being out at friends and having pizza brought in - not wanting to upset the hosts, I ate a piece of pizza and knew in a few hours I would be in major trouble. Only I wasn't.)

Discovered cashews can cause some trouble but I have to eat many of them at one time and it's not the horror show that real cream creates.

Still, I know to avoid these things now.

That damn salad dressing there in the summer that created the hell that followed? Haven't the foggiest notion why I had the gut reaction I did - brutal just touches on the pain.

It turns out I can't identify only one thing and allergists need that 'one thing' to test. I understand what the doc said, long story and all that but basically, my tummy will react to food however it feels.

So that pretty landscape I built in my brain, the one where I know what it is that will cause me such hardship has crumbled.

I'm blind again.

And so the tummy has played it's trump card.


LinnieGayl said...

((Cindy)) I so wanted you to be able to find out what was happening. But you're right, at least you're learning what to avoid, but boy you pay a miserable price.

CindyS said...

Thanks LinnieGayl - I really want to change up my diet (or intake of food cause seriously, diet is not what I'm doing - need too but not yet) but too many changes and my stomach takes over. I have added vitamin pills and my tummy has finally decided I won't stop taking them so has eased up. Funny how my system will fight for a bit - I just know that certain foods won't ever be accepted.

So I'm going to try with salad dressings again. I had a salad dressing from years ago and I know it didn't upset anything but I lost the recipe. It was all natural and would last a few weeks in the fridge.

I think I may just have to change things in small doses - example - I think balsamic vinegar is not acceptable - figured that out while trying to make a dressing for a pasta salad. Luckily I had only dipped my finger in to taste. Tummy upset 1 hour later. Won't touch the stuff now.

Doc suggested I eat salad without dressing. I'm more of 'salad is the vehicle FOR the dressing'. Ah well. I have to try!


C2 said...

Poor thing!! Unexpected stomach ickiness is the worst. :o(

It isn't your gallbladder? Or diverticulitis (oooh, bad spelling I'm sure)? I'm grasping at straws, I admit.

I eat salad without dressing. :-D Except at Olive Garden. I have an aversion to all things sour cream/mayo-ish. I'm odd...I don't mind admitting it.

nath said...


Awww, Cindy :( I guess it can only be by trial and error that you're going to find out which food makes your tummy protest :(

It's easier to test allergies that gives a skin reaction, because they can see. Tummy ache is not visible I guess...

Tara Marie said...

I'm sorry you're having problems. I can tell you that your symptons are very similar to mine and I have an extreme allergy to soy bean oil. I can't eat bottle salad dressing and type of processed whipped topping (Cool Whip), anything cooked with Crisco.

I'd tell the doctor that you're looking at a soy bean oil or partially hyrdrogenated soy bean oil allergy. This is in almost ALL processed foods, especially salad dressings, mass produced baked goods, jar spaghetti sauces, mac n cheese, all margarines and "healthy" spreads.

I have a long history of soy allergies.

CindyS said...

C2 - I can eat mayo at home or with my family (they keep it cold all the time) but outside of the house, forget it - one restaurant keeps it on the counter. Uh, no!

Nath - yep, just wish when it's bad, it wasn't so bad that my tummy takes a few weeks to settle back down. Ugh!

Tara Marie - OH!! I can definitely check that out - see, I figured my doctor might know the common denominator between the food groups - not only that, I think the lactose free milk I was drinking was soy based also. Thanks Tara Marie!


Tara Marie said...

Hey Cindy, one more thing, mayo is also made with soybean oil, I can actually tolerate it in small quantities (Hellmann's only) but I can't eat it in restaurants either.

Lynn Spencer said...

Oh no! I know it's frustrating to be getting sick and not be able to figure out exactly what's causing it. I've been going through something like this, too, and it is no fun.

Holly said...

Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry. I have major stomach problems myself, so I completely empathize. It gets so it rules my whole life. I hate it. I hope you find a solution that works!