Sunday, October 25, 2009

Books? If Only!!

I haven't been chatty lately. Not sure why. Think it has to do with the kitten. If she decides to lay down on my legs when I'm watching TV I'll stay there until she decides to get up - and she sleeps like I do!

And then she kind of hogs the monitor as you can see here. Can you see the pointer thing? Dead center of her nose. She tries to catch it. I know!! How cute can she be!!


Then, things are getting interesting around the house. By this I mean it's only a matter of time before something pops in my brain and I burn the damn thing down. Kidding.

Bob took a wall out last night and further more tonight.

Bob did not drape plastic or in any way prep the area so that the horrid speck that is plaster dust didn't end up in every nook and cranny of our home. Nope. It was like sleeping on sandpaper today and I admit, I can feel anything on a mattress and yes I'm sure others could have slept just fine in the bed with the layer of dust - but uh, not me!

Then tonight, he opened another section.

It smells like Kermit the Frog died in our bedroom now.


There is a swamp smell that is in no way conducive to me sleeping in there tomorrow during the day.

Bob can't smell it.


Did I mention the additional dust that is now on my pillows!

To top it all off, Bob and I aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to how we're going to do this renovation. Tonight there was a debate on where the 'new' wall would be. Bob actually said something so out of bounds that I asked him if he was ready. Yep. C-Rex came out and told him how it was. Good thing C-Rex was laughing and Bob realized he was WRONG while laughing. The stuff guys will tell their wives so they don't have to do what the woman wants.

All I can really say is that my house is a renovation in progress. I've never seen a house is so much disarray. In the last house we could only do a room at a time but then Bob loved the rooms as they were and didn't really want me to change things. But I'm persistent.

This house?

Bob likes the windows.

So I have a kitchen partially done but I have to admit that we are bargain hunters and I only splurge on certain parts like the back splash tile that goes up the whole wall and my fancy stainless steel stove hood. Everything else was bought as we could afford it. So my kitchen has been changing over the past two years. We're closing in on a finish but the most expensive parts are up next. Counters (I'll be doing a stone of some sort) and floors (hardwood but it'll go through the entire first floor so uh, not yet).

My entry way has been plywood for so long I actually don't know how I'll get used to a real floor. I ordered the tiles (gorgeous stone) because it is a small area and we finally found a stone we agreed on and hey, don't pay for a year. They arrived 2 weeks ago and Bob has yet to pick them up. See, he doesn't have a place for them yet.

But the upper floor of my home?


And when I bring up the small hallway I want tiled Bob just smiles and moves along.


So I'm locking myself in the book room tomorrow (course it's bogged down with a bunch of stuff) and sleeping in there.

Hold the fort! I have a battle on the home front to deal with for now.

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nath said...

LOL, Pixie is just sooo cute in front of the screen LOL :) I bet that's the new generation of cats - they'll all be running after the virtual mouse, LOL :P

Awww, sorry to hear about your upstairs ^_^; At least, there's always your book room :D