Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Bad!


I keep meaning to post and then think 'I'm not reading anything so maybe I shouldn't'.

Too bad. I'm here to post now!

1. I'm not reading. I'm currently head long into a gaming addiction that I really thought I had cracked. Now I'm in deep again although I do spend less time on the game than I have in the past.

2. Kitten is too cute not to play, cuddle or sleep with.

3. Kitten had her second set of shots and got a clean bill of health on Thursday. Emma was not well and since she is diabetic they wanted to see her right away.

4. Friday I took Emma to the vet worried sick. Turns out her diabetes is in remission (that can happen with cats) and every thing else came back normal. I think she had either a tummy flu so she didn't eat for 4 days straight or maybe she got in the kitten food and that made her ill. The good news is - no more needles for Em!!

5. Em's still not super happy and hides in basement where the kitten can't pounce on her tail.

6. My Dad came home on Friday night from Malaysia but got ill Saturday morning. Poor guy. He only gets to stay home until after Thanksgiving (this coming weekend up here in Canada) 10 days in total. He is on the mend which is great news but my 'germ squirm' side it kicking up a fuss and may make my anxiety come roaring out. Stupid anxiety.

7. Bob's got a business trip so he'll be gone only one over night but I still got myself a case of the blues this afternoon that I'm having a hard time shaking. Few things but major one is we're not really getting a Fall. I think I may drag out my SAD light. Then I remember the kitten makes me laugh and go 'awwwww'. So does Emma but again, she's in deep hide mode.

Oh wait!! I did buy Kathy Griffin's new book - can't remember the title but she's the comedian from the D-list. I think she's hilarious and I've read the first few pages while waiting at the vets.

Still, I seem blase about TV, can't even think about hiding in a book and am a touch miserable about the weather.

And Bob may have had too much fun over the summer with his Rona/Lowes/Depot cards which means I, as the bill payer, have to actually see the amounts we owe while Bob goes on his merry way.

Okay, he did just say yesterday I had scared him so we won't be putting in 10 grand worth of hardwood floors before Christmas (we're hosting this year). There's the 'phew' reaction I'm having mixed with the 'awwww, darn' feeling. I know, I'm a complex woman.

Anyways, I'll just have to keep him in check in all the other 'little' projects he thinks cost just a few bucks here and there.

Bob's definition of a 'few bucks' is a lot like his sense of time. A project that he says is 'pfft, easy, maybe a few weekends' translates into 3 months of full time work. The fence took him all summer and cost as much to put in as it would have to have it professional put it. Still, Bob is an Aries and demands perfection and I'm betting the fence people wouldn't have done the kind of quality of work that Bob does.

We discovered this when my Mom had a new porcelain floor put in her kitchen. Knowing what I know now (my Gorgeous Cousin will listen to Bob and I talk for a few minutes and then lean over and say 'I didn't understand one word of that conversation'. What's funny, is before Bob I wouldn't have had a clue either.), I can see where the 'professional' tiler cut corners and didn't put in the floor like I would have at least tried and that I know Bob would have done without question.

Live and learn.

Ooops. This post got long!!

As a reward - kitten!


nath said...

LOL, lucky you wrote: Kitten & Water... cos I thought it was pee ^_^;

It doesn't matter if you're not reading. It's just fun to catch up with you :D

Sorry for Em, but hopefully, she's better! and it's news that her diabetes is in remission!!! :D

Sorry for your Dad too! That sucks. Hopefully, he'll get better really soon!!

CindyS said...

Thanks Nath!! Hopefully I'll never be crazy enough to post a video of animals and their urine!