Monday, March 03, 2008

It's All Good

Made it through the weekend but then who was worried.

Cody seems much better now that he is on more powerful pain meds. We doped him up yesterday only to worry we had given him a stroke. He was all droopy eyed and dragging his butt around. He perked up again in the afternoon so we figured that the pain meds were making him tired. Today we gave him 1/2 dose at night and then we'll do 1/2 dose in morning and night. Tonight he wasn't as affected but he wasn't in pain either.


Then my best bud out west was having a hell of a day so we ended up on the phone about once an hour - today was much, much better for her. Phew!

My mom came over for dinner tonight which meant we had to clean. Bless Bob cause he was on his hands and knees washing the floors - this with a back that's not quite right. We managed to get the house as de-furred as possible (and got most of the blood from Cody up off the hardwood).

Now I'm trying to relax and I am getting tired which is great but I figured I'd come and bore you all.

Gah. My face is making me crazy! The doc gave me this cream and I use next to none of the stuff on my chin and on my nose. Well. My chin is a friggin mess. I can't tell if I've burned the skin or if I have a billion pimples that are trying to break through to the surface. I told myself I would give it a full month but I worry. Needlessly probably, but when it looks like you have water blisters under your skin, well, I get antsy. I'm hoping it's just pulling a bunch of crap from below and dragging it out.

Fun, eh?

And quickly, I've watched 3 movies this weekend.

Margot Goes To The Wedding - a more worthless piece of crap I have yet to see. If this was a 'day in the life' thing or whatever then I don't get it. Pick a better day.

Eastern Promises - meh. I was expecting more and instead it was all predicable and boring.

Feast of Love - Yeah, check please. I'm done. Another movie that was just 'blah'

Where's the passion? Where's the drama? Where's the cohesive plot with plausible twists and an ending that is surprising? I'm not asking for much.

And that's what's brewing around this side of the park.

How's it in your area?


Rosie said...

Glad to see Cody is resting more comfortably. Our weekend was mostly quiet, well except for one thing.

We have new neighbors. They have two yapping dogs that bark all day and all night. We've been trying the nice approach by ringing their bell and asking them nicely to bring the dogs in or something. GG was hacked at 4:30 the morning though and we are going to call animal control.

nath said...

I'm happy for Cody :) anything that makes him leaving with less pain.

I don't feel very good at the moment... like a doom feeling. It's supposed to snow on Wednesday, so now I'm worried.

ReneeW said...

Sounds like you had a tough weekend. I'm glad Cody is more comfortable and you are taking such good care of him. My weekend was pretty quiet. Bob dragged me around Home Depot and Lowe's for a few hours. I bought some new knobs for the kitchen cabinets. They need refinishing. I can't decide if I should do it myself or pay someone. Probably cost me a fortune but I'm lazy.

C2 said...

Good for Cody! And you and Bob, too. :o)

I should be doing the cleaning thing since my folks are coming this weekend. I hate cleaning. Blah.

In my little corner of the world, a co-worker had her toddler at work with her this afternoon before a doctor's appt. and it turns out he has the flu. Yikes! Now I have to go douse the office is Lysol tomorrow. And I'm in a wedding this weekend. Things could be better, I must say.