Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At Least I'm Doing Something!

I've been painting but I just ran out of the paint I need for the den/office. I remember when a gallon of paint would have been way too much for a room this big. Now the stuff sucks into the walls on the first coat!

So I need another gallon for the second coat on two walls. Ugh.

Also, I have pulled a Nora Roberts book from my collection. It's going to be my TBR Challenge book and I really feel I can read it and get it done. At this point it's all baby steps when it comes to reading. I have way too much on my brain which when you think about my life is ridiculous but I guess it can happen.

Cody's laceration (yep, I'm getting technical) is a disaster and no matter how many times I try and clean it it continues to bleed. If it was just a bloody smell then I know I could get him a neck collar and keep him from digging at it but OMG it smells of badness. I called the vet today and my vet is off for the March break. YIKES!! I know another doctor could advise and possible clean the wound but I don't think they would get everything that is going on. The past few days the bump grew again which had me freaking out until Cody decided to scratch it. It's back down but the blood is everywhere. I took Suisan's advice and have been cleaning it with Betadine but whenever I start with it he digs at it. Now, if he sees me with a facecloth he heads in the other direction.

So we're concerned that this will be something that will become part of his life. We think there is something bleeding and when the wound seals it starts to puff up until Cody breaks it and get's it back down. Vet is definitely on the list of things to get done. Hard to sleep when you are worried about the guy.

Poor Puppy.

So, that's on my mind.

Bob won't go and see his Godchildren's new puppy which has my best friend in a snotty mood. Bob isn't over them putting their dog down and thought it was inappropriate for them to get a dog again so soon. I have to be honest and say 'me too' but I don't have kids. Also, I keep forgetting the dog's name and I know I'm going to call him Gracie.

So, that's on my mind.

I love the snow. I really, really love the snow. So for the most part it's been a great winter for me except for the fact that I don't play in the snow. I'm a couch potato. Actually I'm probably a fungus-ie potato with long straggly eyes. Yeah, that's about it.

I've also been on the phone a lot with my 'western' best bud. I miss her like crazy but it sounds like things are starting to fall into place out there. Phew! There have been nights where we are on the phone for hours talking through stuff. She got a job offer today and wanted to run it by me. Where she is, I think she could easily get another job if the one that has been offered isn't 'the one'.

So that's on my mind.

OH! My favourite. Bob's put us on a spending freeze.

Of course I laughed my ass off and asked for his Home Depot card and almost cried when he gave it to me.

Uh, oh. Somebody has some serious in him.

I don't actually spend a lot of money on my own but put me with Bob and it's over. That man can shop! We bought a dining room hutch which is dee-lish for a killer price BUT, we still have to pay for it, right? And then we bought a fantab loveseat (apparently it's a chair and a half but we both fit in it) that had people circling waiting for us to leave it but uh, uh, we snapped that puppy up! We have a matching ottoman on order and when it comes in and I have the upstairs loft almost done I'll take a picture for you all. Again, though, that little tag on the item means they want some cold hard cash. Oooops.

So, that's on my mind.

And finally, we're having Easter which makes me happy except for the fact that Cody might look like he's gone through the windshield of a car. Right now he's happily watching me while looking like Carrie from that movie of the same title. On that note, I'm going to go clean him up and see if I can get him to leave the wound alone for at least a few hours.

Poor thing is going to end up with a head set and I'm not sure his ego can take it!

So, that's on my mind.

Wonder what is on Cody's mind?

Besides biscuits.


LinnieGayl said...

Oh, poor Codie! I wonder if another vet could just temporarily deal with the spot? Don't really know, as I'm not a vet expert. Good luck, Cindy!

Rosie said...

I feel so bad for you and, of course, Cody. I would totally obsess over something like that.

I keep seeing pics of the snow every where online. I'd be in my flannies tucked my favorite blankie with some tea and a book. You'd probably have to pry me out of the house. Guess it's a good thing we don't have snow in SoCal, huh?

Jenster said...

Wow. That's a lot of stuff you've got on your mind.

Poor Cody. I really hope your vet can do something for him.

Dev said...

I need a Bob around to put me on a spending freeze. Seriously. I can't afford to spend any money and I'm trying to stick to a budget.

Poor Cody! Is there another vet who's filling in while your vet is gone?