Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Letting Go

I'm letting my anxiety go over not reading. I have about 12 books out and about in the house but my life at this time isn't even remotely conducive to reading. I miss it but I have to stop with the guilt or fear or anxiety. It will come back. I've lost it before but I thought I wouldn't have to go through that again. Ah, well.

Screw it! Let's celebrate the stuff that worked out in the past few weeks.


Yeah, I did! I get to work from home during the night! Hello!

Basically I always ask Bob about projects that happen at his work. A few weeks ago he was telling me about how he couldn't get any accurate numbers for - well, anything. His boss made an off handed comment about hiring temporary help and I pounced on it. I think Bob was surprised that I wanted a job that didn't even exist. I wrote a letter to Bob's boss (I've met him a few times and is a great person) explaining why I was asking for the job and what I could do for the company.

Two weeks later Bob mentioned that his boss was worried about how 'others' would take him hiring someone to do a job that basically, should already be being done. So I decided that was a no and let it go.

A week later the boss is scrambling for data and none of it's accurate so I was hired and I started this past Tuesday night. Once I'm caught up it will probably be only a few hours a week but I'm dedicated to doing a great job and it sounds like there is a lot of opportunity to do reports for many different people if I do well.

So, yeah for me!!

Then - Cody is out of quarantine and my Godson's wounds look like they are healing properly. I went on hiatus after my Cody bear bit my Godson in the face - thank God for friends who know it was an accident and who supported us. We're thinking Josh may have accidentally covered his snout while kissing and hugging him (I wasn't paying attention which just kills me) and Cody bit out to breathe.

I went to the ER with Josh and Sue and we waited for hours but we were told stitches would be needed. So just under his eye he got 5 stitches and I forced myself to stand by him and watch each one go into his tender skin. He then needed 2 more under his chin. Once Josh was through with the stitches he was all ready to show off to all his friends. I was ready to curl into a ball and sob for a few hours.

Everyone who was there told me to stop apologizing and that it was an accident. I'm truly blessed by wonderful friends.

I figured Cody would have to be investigated and sure enough Public Health showed up the next day. Poor Sue tried to tell them she wasn't worried and that Cody was a good dog and that it was an accident. Even still, they have to follow up. So Cody was in quarantine for 10 days - basically had to stay in the house and be on a leash when outside.

(Ah yes, should mention I had taken Cody to Sue's after a vet visit because they have a new puppy and Cody loves puppies. Cody has been to another person's house maybe 10 times in his life. I had an eagle eye on him the whole time but after an hour I got distracted and BAM, it happened. So, that didn't help with not feeling horribly responsible as I don't take Cody places usually)

Anyways, Cody is out of quarantine, Joshua's cuts are healing nicely and hopefully the scars will be barely noticeable. *please God, please God, please God*

As for other stuff, I've been painting, hanging out with the family (my mom before my dad got home and then Easter weekend) and watching the odd TV show.

Oh, turns out I have to get the cats rabbi shots in the next few weeks. I keep joking with Bob that Cody managed to stick it to the cats yet again.

I hope all is well with you guys. I think the next few weeks will be too busy to get around but hopefully I'll find the time soon. Bob was supposed to be off this week but like usually things get swished around. Right now we're looking at the second week of April as a week off.

One can hope.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Yeah You on the Job!! And I'm impressed with your initiative in writing to Bob's boss.
And ((((((hugs))))) about Cody and your godson. I'm glad he's healing and Cody is out of quarantine.

nath said...

Congrats on the new job Cindy!! :)

as for Cody, the most important is that your godson is not afraid of Cody in my opinion... (well that and also that he's fine, Cody's fine, etc.)

I mean, if Cody bit your godson because he needed to breath... well we're talking survival...

Mollie said...

Congrats on getting the job! Poor Cody and GS. Glad everyone seems to be ok! Our pets end up as much a part of the family as any other person!

Holly said...

Ok, I'm seriously behind, but aww, poor GS and Cody. That's so hard. My dog Bella is pretty aggressive when it comes to strangers, so I don't take her anywhere, either. I worry too much. How wonderful that you have such great friends, though.

And WOOT! on the new job. That's hella exciting.

C2 said...

Rats! First comment was eaten - stupid must be dinner time.

Anyhoo, yay for the new job! Yay for Cody being a free doggie! And hugs to the godson. :o)

ReneeW said...

Cindy, it's so wonderful to hear what's going on with you. I'm so proud of you taking the initiative to get that job. Congratulations and I know you will be fabulous. Sorry to hear about the Cody incident but really these things happen a lot when kids and dogs get together. Angie was bitten by the neighbor's giant malamute when she was 4 yo and had to have stitches. I thought she would be mentally scared for life but she held no grudge or fear of dogs. She still loves dogs to this day and can hardly wait to get one of her own after she gets married. Sounds like you have some great friends. Missed you!

Rosie said...

Hey Cindy...Wow lots going on in your life, huh? A job!!!! Yay!!! That's fantastic. I recall you mentioning the possibility a while back and I'm glad things worked out for you.

As for Cody, what an ordeal. I'm glad everything seems to have worked out okay.

With all that going on did you get to do anything fun while Bob was on vacation?

LinnieGayl said...

Cindy, congratulations on the job! Very exciting.

Oh, and (((((big hugs))))) re Cody and your godson. What a scary, awful thing to have happened. And you were so good standing by the whole time (and I would have wanted to curl into a ball as well).

Devon said...

Congratulations, Cindy! It sounds like a great job for you.

So sorry to hear about Cody and the Godson. That must've been awful for you. Kids are so resilient, though.