Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yep, I'm This Boring

My very happy news is that the tumour on Cody's nose that was almost 3" tall on his nose - turned out most of it was a huge infection. So he looks almost normal again but he stinks of sickness. We have been wiping his snout down but I've stopped only because we were making the skin raw. I'm about to Google how to clean an open wound for pets. I think our vet thought it was just a small boil when we called about it but after 4 days of oozing and cleaning I want to get the rest of the poison out. If I can't get it to stop oozing or heal over I'll take him to see his vet on Monday.

Still, that coppery sick smell has been making me crazy but I don't want to soap it up in case it stings. I will get his one leg cleaned up as he's been using it to scratch and rub his nose. Poor pooch.

Smells are exaggerated right now and my gag reflex is on hyper aware so I can't seem to look at the wound. Then there is the thought that it must hurt like a sonofabitch.

After that, I've just been a huge bore.

I'm feeling horribly lazy so I've decided to indulge it.

Oh, I did write a letter and asked for a job which as you know is waaaaaay out of my comfort zone but Bob was talking about some data problems they were having at work and I was all - Uh, I can fix that!! I wrote a letter to Bob's boss asking for the job of data entry so I can work from home. Also, the reports that I would have to work off come in around midnight so I can work at night. I'm not getting my hopes up but the fact that I went for it makes me very happy with myself.

I've noticed that when AAR isn't polling I have extra time on my hands (yes, I could read) and I miss the feeling of accomplishment. So if you have some spare 'luck' thoughts hanging about I wouldn't mind if you sent them my way. I'll find out next week if the company is interested.

And finally, the umpteenth snow storm of the year is heading our way over the weekend.

Makes Bob and I curl up and hibernate.


Jenster said...

Poor Cody. I'm glad the tumor wasn't as big as was thought and I hope the sore heals quickly!

Good for you and the job thing. That would be perfect for you! I'll hope and pray you get it!

Makes Bob and I curl up and hibernate.

Sounds nice...

Suisan said...

Poor guy.

You can flush out a wound like that using a syringe (You can get one a a pharmacy) and either a sterile saline solution (like you'd get for contact lenses -- no additives or "No Rub" formulas. Just the saline), or a chlorhexidine solution (Hibiclens is one for humans) or a *very* dilute povidine iodine solution (betadine). Don't Use Hydrogen Peroxide.

Don't squirt hard with the syringe, but get the tip in there and really flush it out. You're trying to make it heal from the inside out. SO get all that pus out. If it closes over from the top, it can trap pus, and then you've got another abscess.

Good luck.

CindyS said...

Thanks Jenster!

Suisan - I should have e-mailed you earlier!! I don't have any of that stuff in the house but I smart enough not to use Hydrogen peroxide - I did that to my own open wound and was shocked when it went under the skin and blew my skin up into a bubble. And it smarted!! It's actually sealed up overnight and Bob and I want to leave it right now to see if it will knit. Then I'll go and get some Saline or Hibiciens (have never seen that at the pharmacy)and clean up his face. If it starts to grow again I'm going to take him in and have the vet lance it and take care of it right.

Thanks for the help! I just don't want to aggravate it right now. It looks good around the edges and there doesn't seem to be any pus around the top.