Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots of Work

This week is busy for work which I'm grateful for but I lost steam at the end of last night and couldn't blog. Bad Cindy.

I don't have much to offer in the book department EXCEPT that I stepped out of my box and bought a couple of category romances. The ones that Kristie was having fun with a few posts ago (I can't seem to link to a specific post at Kristie's and can only send you to her blog. I think it could be 5 posts down or so).

Bedded By The Billionaire by Leanne Banks and Marrying For King's Millions by Maureen Child. I tried to ignore the titles of all the Desire titles and just browse the back blurbs.

It also came down to author names. I recognized Banks and Child so I leaned more towards these two.

Basically I used to read Desire and another type years ago (I can't find the name at the site so I think it's been changed). These stories could be powerful and wonderfully sexy.

I bought willy nilly for years and found many authors in these lines. I don't remember getting burned by these books but I did start to find authors I loved in these lines and instead of just buying any story I would hunt down back lists and buy specific authors.

These authors then moved on to greater things and I followed and for some reason I forgot all about category romances.


I remember now.

BLAZE happened. I had never read such drek in my life and I think it broke my will to read categories. Bad Cindy. Anyways, I'm still not going to read Blaze titles but I am curious about the Desire line.

Also, being in the middle of a hellacious slump means I need to turn some stuff up and about. I *think* these books will be faster to read and easier on my need to finish books.

ETA: It's now hours after starting this post. Work hurt and then I had to look at our bills. Not enough tylenol right now! Off to bed for me!

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Holly said...

You know, I really like the Desire line. And I really like the Presents line, too. I've found some wonderful reads from both. :)

Miss you.