Monday, May 09, 2011

A Change for the Better!

This one is about books but some real life updates.

Bob and his handy helper have gutted the entire reno house and are onto the rebuild section of the job. This is serious progress and I couldn't be more proud of how hard my guys are working. Also, with me on his back - uh side, Bob has made great strides with staying within our budget outline and at times even coming in under on certain items. This has freed up money for a few things we didn't account for so all is going well.

On a belated note:

Happy Mother's Day!!

I bought my mom a Kobo e-reader from Chapters. It looks fantastic and I know Kristie(J) loves hers so I thought it would be better than my old standby which is gift certificates. Now, my mom is a reader but she doesn't read what I read which doesn't bother me in the least.


My Mom was quite bewildered by what a Kobo was. So I said, 'You know how Oprah loves her Kindle? It's like that only the Canadian version of it'. Mom: 'Oh, I've never paid attention to that'.


Anyways Baby Benjamin (too cute!) was being way too delightful for me to set up the reader for her but I will head over later in the week to see if she needs some help. I did show her the size of the lettering option and she seemed pleased with it.

So, I might own an e-reader if my Mom doesn't take to it like she took to texting on her phone. I have no clue how to text from a phone so I figured my Mom would have no problems with a machine that has fewer buttons.

And finally!!

I have decided to go back to my archaic way of creating a TBB list.

See, I hit all my blog spots and ohh and ahh over the books and think to myself 'Oh, I'll remember that title or author' and every single time I go into the store and have no clue what I may have wanted to try.

So I picked out a pretty fushia pink journal that I'm now writing titles, authors and thoughts in. This journal will stay near the desk for when my kitties get their mommy (me) gift certificates to Chapters! It will also go to the store with me when I know I'm heading to Chapters. I think this method will once again prove extremely useful in purchasing and finding new authors.

Okay, off for now. Hope you all had an excellent weekend!


Erotic Horizon said...

Fun post as usual...

Just wanted to stop by and say happy belated mum's day to you...

I get you on the TBB little book - I have one of those and I tend to have it with me all the time.. as I sometimes remember a book when I am out and about and I have to write it in the book..

Fingers cross for your mom not taking to the Kobo - so you would be in with an e-reader - soon..

I still don't text as well - I am lost between the predictive text and how to put a space in the message.. LOL

have a great week...


nath said...

Ohhh, I like your little notebook :) I do the same, I have this notebook and it doesn't leave my side... although I do forget to note down some titles and authors sometimes ^_^;

LOL, I hope your mom enjoys the Kobo. does she read a lot?

CindyS said...

EH - I do want my mom to love the Kobo but we'll see what happens. I'm going to be getting a Kindle in the next year I figure. I have waited for all the kinks to be taken care of and now they have features I hadn't even thought of so I think I'm in the clear ;)

Nath - my mom does read a lot but we're different. She's more mystery and historical in her reading so again, I hope she takes to it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one carrying around a journal. I used to keep notes all the time but I obviously I let that fall by the wayside. So I picked one of the many journals I own (but won't write in) to re-start the TBB list. I already have a few series books that I need to look into so it's already helping!