Thursday, April 01, 2010


To think I would ever be too busy to blog is mind boggling to me. Sure, I've been my lazy self but wow, things have been hopping around here.

Bob was off for Bobby Birthday Week last week and I'm still recovering. My body doesn't know when it's supposed to sleep, eat or anything else. Bob was a sweetie in that on the Wednesday he let me sleep like normal. Other than that, I was up and out the door rain, shine (mostly rain) knowing where we were going or not.

Having been a bit of a shut in for the winter I forgot the way Bob can be. Monday was his birthday so I didn't tear a strip off him for not knowing where exactly we were going. Bob is a bit of a driver. Loves to discover where streets go.

I, of course, need a plan and like to know when we're going to eat and where we're going to shop.

Because it was Bob's birthday I did not snap. I wanted to snap but I held my tongue. I woke up and didn't eat (one of my things) and Bob mentioned how he was starving before we left. We drove out to St Jacob's (an hour and a bit from home) and then I figured we would start heading back towards home and find a place to eat.

Bob didn't remember my need to hit the farthest point first, then I'm comfortable to eat on the way back home. Nope. He drove us all over the place until I finally asked him what in the world he was looking for. He was looking for a place to eat, farther out.

Oh. Hell. No.

I don't remember what we finally did, I was sleepy and grumpy and I was done. Oh, wait. I remember, we went to East Side Mario's on a Monday night.

Guess what Monday night at ESM is?

I'm guessing it was family night cause there were people everywhere and kids - OMG and a clown who was not exactly quiet.

Probably should have mentioned I don't care to eat at 'pasta' places because it's expensive and I know how much spaghetti costs from the store. So I tend to feel ripped off.

Poor Bob.

During dinner Bob was sternly lectured on how we have to have a 'plan' when we leave the house. Knowing where we're going is the number one priority!

On Tuesday we drove to Toronto.


You know, that place that can cause me anxiety. I got out of bed and booyah I was ready to go. Bob had been told to do some homework on where he wanted to go. Homework was not done. I however, managed to print off a few sheets on where we could go just before jogging out the door.

Antique shops are crap shoots. You can end up in a dive or the dressiest place in town but there is only one thing Bob's looking for - Porcelain Ad signs from 70's and before. The place we went too? China. It was pretty for me.

Then the other addresses we had were empty.

Antique stores also pop up and then disappear and we found the ones that had gone under. Whoops.

Wednesday was nice for me.

By Saturday night I was like a zombie. I didn't know which way was up as Best Bud with Son finally tossed her crappy boyfriend to the curb and needed to come out and visit on Saturday. Which I didn't mind as that's what friends are for but by Sunday Bob couldn't budge me out of bed.

I'm thinking of writing a book about Best Bud w Son and the Asshat but she would disown me. I can hardly believe half the crap that has happened in the past week let alone the past few years. So this week has been busy on the phone trying to keep her spirits up. I'm really hoping that this is the end of this guy but I seem to get blindsided at every turn by my women friends and loved ones making crappy choices.

My Gorgeous Cousin took back The Cheater and surprise he showed up at Bob's birthday.

Great Scott!!

I know he thinks no one knows what happened cause he was acting way too comfortable in my house to know I wanted to shake the ever livin' hell out of him. Note I said shake instead of the real word I want to use.

Can't live other people's lives. I just never had women in my life who ended up with cheaters or abusers and then there is my best friend who is so messed up now I'm not sure how she'll make out. I've backed out a bit on the BF because I really don't know what to say to her and that makes me feel guilty but I'm hoping this week I can get out with her so she can say what she needs to.

*counts blessings*

So this Easter Weekend will be busy also. I'm actually going to turn on the stove and cook. BB told her son I was cooking a turkey and he was all 'cool'. She laughed and said 'I'm not sure if he thinks that's code for a restaurant or what.' Looks like I'll need to bring it!

There's just a bunch of crap circling in the air around us but I'll try not to bore you with too much. I'm just glad that the sun is finally shining again and the temperatures are rising. I have had my window open when I sleep and I love it.

I do want to mention I'm reading Jennifer Estep's Spider's Bite - I'm definitely slow on the reading but my days aren't ordinary like usual. It's a good book - I'm thinking those who liked LKH in her early days would like this one. I'll say more once I'm done.

Oh!! Get this, I ordered books from Chapters and have been waiting very impatiently for them to get her. They are books on diabetes for my cousin. Tonight I get an e-mail from Chapters saying the refund I asked for has been allowed and credited back to my account.

I never asked for a refund.

I've been getting up every day and asking Bob if Chapters has come.

I have no clue what happened and I'm not sure I'm up for a fight. Just want the damn books!

I would go to the box store to buy the books but they are cheaper online. Gah. Frustrating to say the least. Not sure if I should re-order again or just buy at the store level.

Hope you all have a great Easter Weekend. Or long weekend - whatever works.


C2 said...

Happy Easter to you! And happy belated birthday to Bob!

Sounds like you've been having fun (except for the clown...oooog) and staying busy. Now you deserve some Cindy Time with books. :o)

~ames~ said...

I get your frustrating about women you love making crappy choices about the men they let into their lives. But we can't live anyone else's life. But so frustrating!

Try and see if Book Depository is cheaper to order those books. I find they're cheaper for most everything and you get free shipping.

Happy Easter. :P I'm taking it easy for my long weekend.

CindyS said...

C2 - Hoppy Easter to you! And yes, this week is all about me. Like every week should be ;)

Ames - word, sister friend! I caved and went to the box store but only bought 2 of the 3 books I wanted to get cousin cause of the price. I'll be looking up Book Depository - anything to save money nowadays!

Happy Easter!


nath said...

Happy belated b-day to Bob!! :D

Sounds like you were very busy lately :( But glad you survived it :)

All you can do for your friend is be there when she'll need you. Sad, but real.

Sucks about Chapters. You should call and tell them or something.

Holly said...

Happy Easter and Happy Belated to Bob!

Sorry Bob week was so hectic for you. The things we do for love, eh?

Gosh, I'm VERY sorry about your BF. I know you've been stressing over that relationship for awhile. My SIL recently (just in the last couple weeks) left her cheating husband and I'm just holding my breath, waiting for her to go back. It's so FRUSTRATING being on this side of it, isn't it?

Also, I'd call Chapters and find out what the heck happened. Sic C-Rex on them.

CindyS said...

Nath - thanks. And yeah about the friend - some bitterness is starting to pop through about her friends never really accepting him as her boyfriend - blergh.

Holly - yep, love is a grand thing ;) I hope your SIL stays strong but I know what you mean. Bob's having a hard time with Gorgeous Cousin's decision but I'm not losing her over this.

I ended up buying two of the diabetes books because I wanted GC to have them - so ouch, full price. But I have my gift certificate money back so I can now go and buy something for myself!