Friday, November 26, 2010

Introducing Twilight

I've never in my life had a 'lap' cat but wow, you can barely get seated before this bundle of new joy jumps up and makes herself right at home.

<---- Twilight: What does 'shame' mean?

Amber used to get up in our laps but only once in a while, this little monkey is all over us but I'm thinking the explanation will get it all sorted out.

So how did it all start?

Bob was in bad shape. Okay, I was in bad shape also but I didn't think Bob would want to go see rescue cats so I didn't bring it up and I was okay with it.

What we weren't prepared for was Pixie's reaction to not being able to find Emma. That wonderful purring beauty that Pixie, if she was quiet and sneaky enough, could creep up on and curl into a little ball beside her and drift off into a wonderful sleep. I swear, whenever you found Pixie sleeping anywhere near Emma there was a little kitty smile of triumph on her sweet face. See, I mentioned before Emma was a diva and sharing the spot light was not going to fly and it was too funny to catch that annoyed look on her face when she woke up to discover her personal beauty space had been invaded.

But Pixie adored Emma. Maybe even worshiped her while at the same time managing to pull all kinds of kitten antics that drove Emma batty.

We realized we had a problem when Pixie started to search high and low for Emma. The final straw was when she crawled under our gas stove to see if maybe Em was hiding from her under there.

Bob's reaction was we needed to get Pixie a new best sister. I thought so too but was more on the fence about it.

Flash forward to us in the store looking at this 7 month old kitten/cat through little tiny bars. I opened the cage (cause really, try and stop me) and pulled out this tween kitty to see what she was like. Let's just say, she put on quite a show. I tell you it was like you could hear the litany of 'I love you! I adore you! You love me! You adore me! Take me home!!!!' Played over and over again. We put her back in the cage, our hearts still too raw and then it happened.

She reached through the cage bars and stretched out her toes at me.

Maybe I'm unobservant but I've never seen another cat but Emma pull that trick and never thought I would again.

Bob was cooked on the spot. 'She's reaching for you with her toes!'

Twilight: Shhhh, don't tell. ----->

One day later we were registered and getting all the information for her.

She'd been abandoned in a stairwell with her brother at 6 weeks. There was no real foster family to take these two in so the lady who is the co-owner of the rescue took them home and kept them in a small room together. She said she would go in and play with them but I'm sure with work, the rescue and life in general, these kitties didn't see humans too much. So from a baby to 7 months later this kitten had never had a home.

Which explains the first three days where Twilight couldn't stay off of us and seemed to have no control over her limbs. You would be petting her and her back leg would fly out from no where and she would fall over and then roll all over. It was quite funny but at the same time a wee bit sad.

Aside: She was named Twilight - I tried to explain to Bob that it was like naming an animal Harry Potter (cause Bob has next to no pop culture knowledge but he has at least heard of that) and even though he 'got it' he didn't care, he liked her name. So yes, I'm prepared to answer 'no' to the 'ohhhhh, you named her after ....' for the rest of our lives.

The other funny thing was watching her discover the size of the house. I'm thinking she must think she won the lottery and in little more than 3 days had investigated every nook and cranny and declared herself Queen of all she could see.

And it took her three days before my heart finally melted. It was just too broken at the time but I pet her and cooed to her and was grateful for her but I wasn't bonding as I have always done in the past.

On the third day I started to tell Twilight about Emma and I cried and told her I was sorry. And damn if she didn't stretch her toes up and place her paw on my throat.

I realized then that Twilight was a mixture of all the cats that had been before her.

She looks so much like Pixie that if she races by we can't tell which cat it is. She's called a delicate tortoiseshell and it doesn't show in pictures but she has the colour of Amber's fur running through parts of her coat. She's so loving she reminds me of Bob's cat Bunny who literally drooled while purring at your feet and she's eating like Winston used to (We used to say he was an Emperor in a former life as he had a regal air about him - until he heard the food dish, then it was everyone for them self cause he was coming).

Best of all, Twilight thinks Pixie is the bee's knees.

Pixie is not so enamored and instead of looking under the stove for Em, she now crawls under it to get away from the 'new thing'. But I don't pity her because she tormented Emma just like she is being tormented now.

<--- Pixie: Holy shit! When did she get here!?

And interestingly enough, if Twilight can get just close enough to that massive (and Lord Pixie is HUGE) fur ball on the bed, she'll fall over in contented bliss with a goofy grin that looks just like Pixie's once did.

Welcome home Twilight.


nath said...

Ohhh, Cindy! I am so glad for you and Bob to have a new kitty! Twilight sounds lovely and LOL, it's karma time for Pixie! And wow, Pixie has really grown!! :)

LOL at the Twilight name. It didn't even cross my mind to connect the name with the movie :P So maybe, you won't have too many people asking...

Amy said...

Cindy! Twilight is adorable! I am only now catching up on Blogville so didn't read your news until this afternoon. I'm so sorry, sweetie. But it sounds like Twilight will fit right in, and you know what? The toe thing -- maybe that was Emma nudging you to say that she gave your new kitty two paws up!

I'll have to post about our new family member, Micah. She's a rescue as well, and I swear there are numerous things we're noticing about her that say to me Baron's watching and ok's her.

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously cute kitten.

CindyS said...

Nath - Pixie is paying for every antic she ever laid on Emma - I think Pixie is mourning the loss of Emma - it takes a lot to get her to relax and purr but in the morning now her and the kitten have play time and it does my heart good ;)

And 'phew' about the name - cause it really does suit her. That or as Bob say 'Twilighticus, Shitdisturbius' (Road Runner speak)

Amy - thanks so much - And yah!! I'm so glad that Baron pushed you towards you new BFF. I thought the same thing about Emma when those toes came out of the cage. Dear sweet Emma. I was watching videos of Emma the other night and part way through Twilight got up on the desk and curled up in my lap - like she knew I needed some loving and maybe, just maybe a little Em angel nudged her up onto my lap.

Kat - I should say, I'm a touch biased but uh, yeah, super cute!


Megan Frampton said...

Oh, yay! Twilight sounds like the perfect addition to your family.

My MIL lost her Muffy earlier this year, and she rescued a cat her neighbors had left behind when they moved. Martin is as different to Muffy as possible, and is the perfect next cat for my MIL.

Glad to hear she's joined you all.