Saturday, November 27, 2010

This One is About Reading!!

Aha!! Gotcha!!

No, don't you dare click out!

I'm about to begin my rantification (new word TM me) and you know how I love an audience.

Okay, screw the innocent here's the deal, I just finished reading Play of Passion by Nalini Singh - excellent, excellent book and I'll try and write up a Cindy review over the next few days BUT and this is where my brain turns to screaming:


No, no, don't leave yet because it's not just about Singh's series so you don't really need to know too much about it.

It's about those two characters in an on going story arc that you just want to read about RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW!

Now luckily for me the characters I am waiting for get 'their (and I swear on all that is holy, it better be the 'their' I'm thinking about)' story next. So why am I bitching? Cause there were a few scenes in Play of Passion that had my two characters interacting and for some reason I got it in my head that at the end of the story I was currently reading the characters I really want to read about would have scene near the end that would create a major shift in the relationship to give us fans a bit of a sneak peek.

I don't know, I needed something more and because I was slavering for anything about these two I actually started to resent the last few pages of a, before now, excellent love story between two changelings.

So now I'm all antsy (and yes it's November and Christmas is breathing down my neck but still, I'm antsier) about 'my' characters.

And here's the rub. They aren't my characters. They are the author's characters and she is the only one who knows how their possible story will play out. But I want things to explode in their story, I want as close to crazy as these two can get and I really think they could get there. Just, does the author want that for them.

So it's the anticipation that can in the end, ruin a book that I'm so looking forward to that I'm trying to figure out who I have to bribe, kiss or steal a kid for to get my hands on the book - Sybil, you out there?

Okay, you've been patient so I need to know:

1. Can glimpses (or no glimpes) of a couple you really want to read about taint a book that in every other way was perfect?

Uh, Hell ya! But interesting enough, only with Singh. I remember the hearts and flowers I had for Max and Gina by Suzanne Brockmann but M&G interacted so much in the books previous that you knew the angst was building and it was more than enough to keep me from doing up a rantification on my blog. In the case of the book I just read, I would rather have not seen these characters interact at all than have three tempid scenes that confused me more than anything.

2. Are you so much more patient than I am. So many books. So little time to worry when the next will be coming out.

Obviously impatient. What I should have done is not read Play of Passion. I should have saved it and read it the week Hawke's book is set to come out. This is where my 'break in case of emergency' book stash comes in handy. I can hide a bunch of books I know I'll want to read sooner rather than later but I'm stoic enough to put them aside.

3. How is it authors know exactly which couple to keep out of the pages until the very last second?

Shit, I don't know! It's a friggin' gift I tell ya. Or the practices of a well versed sadist!

4. How many times have you been let down by an anticipated book?

Uh, yeah, I've mentioned two of them in this post - Butch's book by J.R. Ward where the man I had come to love morphed into something I didn't recognize. Huge, huge blow. Max and Gina. *sigh* they were robbed.

Okay, we've almost made it through and I have one thing that is making me a touch crazy.

What if Nalini Singh pulls a Brockmann where the couple every one thought was going to get together didn't? (Luckily I was not reading Brockmann at the time of the incident and for-warned is pre-armed I say)

For me, this all explains my blue feeling about finishing Play of Passion. I would have called it the great book blues but it wasn't about the book I had just finished reading. It was instead, a sad for not having the book I want to read in my hot little hands.

Hopefully I've made some sort of point out of all this and you'll find it and run with it.


Anonymous said...

'What if Nalini Singh pulls a Brockmann where the couple every one thought was going to get together didn't?'

I refuse to believe she would ever do that to us. Especially not with Hawke!

(I have a nefarious plan to load the author up on champers at the Aussie readers' convention and pry spoilers out of her. What are the chances, do you think?)

CindyS said...

Kat - you have my complete support and blessing - where do I send my part of the money ;)


nath said...

Ugh, don't bring up the possibility, Cindy!! You are going to jinx it!

However, I really have faith in Ms Singh. What I like about her books also, is that while she's been hinting at Sienna and Hawke... it's been very subtle. There is practically not story between them... unlike other couples who had so much stuff happening to the two that once we got to their book, it just fell flat.

At least, the book is coming :) And it's going to be longer than the others! :)