Monday, December 20, 2010

Love, Christmas, Recipes and Books

Yeah, that title leaves a lot to be desired but I'm thinking this is going to be one of those posts that goes every where and no where all at once.

It's now 5 days till Christmas and I'm amazingly not stressed. See, this year Bob made some off the cuff comment about how Christmas shopping is so easy. Let's just say I lost it and he was all 'what, make me a list and I'll do all the shopping'. Deciding to take him at his word I made up a list of people we needed gifts for - eg. Buy Dad 2 gifts - about 30 bucks each.

He had it all done in one weekend and he had a blast doing it.

I was floored and pleased all at once because he did a great job and hey, I don't have to go out and stress over gifts. (I had already bought the 'big' gifts for the family so it was those odd gifts that I needed)

I have also wrapped almost all the presents!

I have only Bob's gifts to wrap and FINALLY last night my writer's block loosened it's grip on my brain and I was able to write up my hopes for Bob in the coming year. This is the gift I was talking about earlier. I tell you, I was having such an awful time trying to get anything into words. Last night inspiration hit while I was watching some lame show and I grabbed the first piece of paper to my left and started writing until I thought I was done. Now I can leave it for a few days and then tweak it before deciding it's right.

The good news is that I should be able to figure out the size the writing part will take up and I'll be able to do the 'art' part over the next few nights.

With all my free time - I want to read and really, I want to buy lots of books. I found my gift card from my birthday - I figured I had used it but it ended up being in a pocket of my purse I rarely use. Duh. I'm trying to work out whether I'll order online or go to the store. Haven't quite decided.

Finally, my family now tries to make it easier for the host by having everyone bring a few dishes. So I'm doing broccoli and cauliflower with cheese AND a broccoli casserole for my SIL (that part is a surprise so we'll see if anyone touches it - SIL won't eat stuffing from inside the bird so this casserole covers both stuffing and broccoli), parsnips (my dad's fav veg but one my mom refuses to make - I like 'em too so I'm bringing 'em) and I know there is something else but it's on the list upstairs and I'm not moving at the moment.

That's is from this part of the world, hope you are having a great time and if you are celebrating I hope you are not in the middle of Stress-mas.


nath said...

Hey Cindy!! so how was Christmas? I hope you had a really good time and everyone enjoyed their gifts :) It's so cool that Bob got it almost all done :) I think maybe because it's the first year and he's probably been having a list of gifts in his head building up :P

Did you get to buy books? :P I hope the coupons I sent you helped :P

nath said...

Oh, Merry Belated Christmas! :P

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