Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!! And A New Decade I Think.


I'm in a wee bit of shock realizing it was over 10 years ago now that everyone was so worried about Y2K - I know how we prepared. Poor Bob ate canned food for months after a glitch-less New Year. He's a conspiracy nut of the first order but I figure if he's preparing for the things I'm scared of anyways then we're all good.

I can't say I've ever thought of 2011 or any date after that as a possibility but then I haven't been able to 'see' myself after the age of 3o anyways. I used to think it meant I would die around then but then I realized we just don't have those milestones to cross after 21. It was all about becoming a teen at 13, then driving at 16, becoming an adult and able to serve booze at 18 and being legal to drink at 19. (I know in the States it's closer to 21 but I think it's still 19 up here). So really, after 19, nothing really happens at a set time so time kind of loses it's meaning.

I will now mention I took my sleepy pills because I'm thinking I'm going way to deep with this post.


I hate them and I don't make them.

But there is something calling me this year. Something greater than what I've been for the past few months and it needs to be answered. Only I'm not starting today but maybe Monday or later in the week. I'll get there, I'm just not making it a pressure point that 'has' to happen today.

Today I think we should still celebrate. Monday is soon enough for change.


nath said...

Happy New Year, Cindy!! Just enjoy the new year, we can think much, much, much later :P

I think 25 is a good milestone... nothing really significant, but a nice number - 1/4 of a century :P

Legal age to drink is 18 here. Probably youngest age :P

CindyS said...

Nath - Happy New Year to you! I'm thinking 18 is young so I would guess that is the lowest drinking age in Canada.

I got married at 25 so yeah, I good milestone ;) After that it's all downhill. JUST KIDDING!


C2 said...

Happy New Year! I join you in not making resolutions. I never stick with them and who needs more failure? LOL

CindyS said...

C2 - Happy New Year! And yep, I fail at enough things ;)