Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Expectations

I decided to title this one after a book. Why? Because I had some seriously high expectations of what was coming for me in January.

Time to read.

Well, scratch that off the list of 'happily to do' because I'll be painting for probably the next few weeks. And then there is the AAR Annual Reader's Poll (ooops, my bad, wasn't really thinking clearly) a baby shower for my Gorgeous Cousin, my mother's birthday, my BF(but not really)'s 50th Birthday party - oh yeah! And then Gorgeous Cousin has the baby I've been waiting on - but that's the first weekend in February.

I mean you guys know me and I'm not only nocturnal but I like to hibernate in the winter months and it's so not going to happen. Bah.

Great news is that Bob and I picked a flooring and we're still married!

Bad news is Bob's well laid plans are way, way, way off and now we're scrambling with tearing up flooring (mostly Bob cause well, I'm sleeping and doing AAR stuff). This will be followed by my finally painting my library room and the bookcases that I've left natural maple for a long time.

This means boxing up all my books *deep breath in* and moving them out while picking a colour for the bookcases because Bob thinks 'pure white' will be too glaring. This is giving me heart palpitations because his suggestion was to paint them cream.

Cream is dirty white.

That's how my crazy brain interprets cream so yeah, melt down of the new year happened and Bob got blasted. He's totally messing with C-Rex.

*letting breath out*

Oh well, I'm getting thrown into the land of the living and being forced to make decisions (I don't like to make permanent decisions dammit!) and life is about to get hectic.

Even so I'm hanging around checking out your blogs and keeping up with what you are all doing.

So, as I have said to Bob many times when I'm all up and bouncy - 'Entertain me!'


nath said...

Hey Cindy!! Glad to hear that you guys were able to pick a flooring!! :)

Hmmm, I don't know. I'd want warm colors in my library. Warm and cheerful :)

And wow, it does sound like you're going to be extremely busy in the next few weeks!! :) LOL, you'll hibernate after that :)

Dev said...

I have a cornflower blue in my library and light wood shelves. I love it.

It sounds like you'll be crazy busy this month! Hopefully it's not too hectic for you.

C2 said...

Though I continue to pout about Bob not liking our stair solution - heh - I will offer advice on shelf color. I completely agree about cream...bleh. I say a nice soft gray/blue-gray might work. Even moving into a taupe color (leaning toward gray and not mud). Think the color of dust because bookshelves get dusty. ;-) Then the wall color and accent colors can be almost anything because the shelves will be a quiet neutral without being too bland.

CindyS said...

Nath - There will be a baby in February - I'll sleep but I'll also be over with the baby. Cause I like babies!

Dev - I'm thinking the bookshelves will have to be anything that is not white or cream but still a light colour. Decisions, decisions.

C2 - you and I are decoration twins! I tested out some 'cream' colours and a new wall colour and have decided the grey wall colour is going to be the bookcases. We'll have to see about the walls - maybe everything will be the grey. Hmmm.