Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flying Monkeys and Karma

Remember the books I ordered from Amazon.ca a few weeks back?

Remember I did so because I had a gift card from Amazon?

Uh, yeah. I used the wrong account when I bought the books and uh, it was not a small amount of money I used.

I'm almost afraid to do anything with Amazon at the moment because my brain doesn't seem to function properly when I'm at the site. And I'm keenly aware of having more than one account because I've made a similar mistake in the past.

How did I get 2 accounts at Amazon?

Probably forgot a password and then opened another account and voila, I have 2 accounts. One has the GC and one didn't.

Now, I know why I screwed up because seriously, I could see that the GC was being applied to the order.

Thing is, I have Air Miles.

I know, I don't fly and don't plan to, like, ever but you can get a ton of stuff with Air Miles, one of which is grocery money and hey, free food is a great thing if you have a grand dinner to do up. We usually save the money for Christmas time because who isn't broke over Christmas but we held on this year and we'll use it the next time we host something.

Like seriously, I can get about 180 bucks in grocery money in one year for doing nothing other than carry a card around with me.

Anyways, I filled up my cart and remembered that I needed to log in through airmiles.ca to get my miles. So yeah, I had to go to airmiles.ca to put in my account number which of course, I don't know by heart so I had to get off my duff and find my purse, thumb through all my cards (don't ask) and then click on the Amazon site to get back to where I was.

Here's the rub. If I logged in to the other account how did I still have stuff in my cart?

Now see, that's confusing. Should have been a red flag for me or something.

So that last order, where I ordered 3 books I already owned, returned them sucking 10 bucks off my refund for shipping because it was my fault AND now having a charge on my Credit Card that I wasn't expecting. Well, that's feeling a little like Karma kicking my ass about something.

Now, you might suggest I walk it off and normally I would agree.

But, uh, I pre-ordered 3 very important books that I can't have Flying Monkeys or Karma messing around with.

So I'm a wee bit worried about the 4th shoe but I keep reminding myself that bad things happen in 3's.

Which means I've reset the clock to have another 3 Bad Things!!!

Off to breathe in a bag.


nath said...

When I saw GC, I thought you meant your Gorgeous Cousin and I was confused. Then, I read the post again and realized that GC was Gift Card. Ahhhh ^_^;

That really sucks about using the wrong account ^_^;

However, I was wondering, can't you apply your gift card to this account? By re-applying the gift card number to the right account? Also, Can't you cancel the pre-orders? I mean, it's going to be a while before they are released...

CindyS said...

Nath - Two things I love, The Gorgeous Cousin and Book Gift Certificates - so all good.

I'm thinking of canceling the rest of the order only because I found that they ship the day of the book release so I'll already be too far gone especially with the Singh to be sitting home waiting for the mail if it's already at the nearest bookstore.

Now I just have to figure out what to buy from the right account!


nath said...

I would just cancel, Cindy since they are not going to be shipped soon...