Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Phaser Set To Stun


That title makes me wish there were more sci-fi shows on TV and more films coming out (and I have no clue why they changed the short form to a bunch of letters with 'y's in them but I'm not using it). I'm not a closet sci-fi fan but I'm quiet about my love.

I'm a Trekkie even though I couldn't tell you one thing about tribbles except that they look cute, I'm a Star Wars fan of the first order but I don't do pot or wear togas with cinnamon buns strapped to my ears.

Firefly, how I miss you - Jane was perfect for Summer even though she was trying to kill him but I now know that the creator doesn't like happy endings so maybe it's best.

Battlestar Galactica I forgive you for the ending and now want to re-watch every episode with a glass of ice cooled over with coke. Happily I have the DVD collection and can do so, I just have to decide when exactly I'm going to be all fracked up and immersed in sci-fi land that talking to me would be pointless. (I'm guessing once the summer re-runs hit)

I tried Caprica but it was slow and well ssssslllllllooooooow.

Don't get me wrong, I can do bad sci-fi and be happy as a sow in fecal matter. Starship Troopers anyone? I mean all of them. All.

Oh, I do have to say I love Fringe but I missed a few episode last year and have no clue about the 'amber' on the other side and what it's about. I need the first season but do I buy it and discover the 'powers that be' have canceled another ass kicking show or just take the risk.

See, I don't buy DVD's of shows that were canceled. Hell no. The network isn't going to bring back the show but they want my money so I can enjoy only part of a story? 'Life' was such a great show (and no sci-fi - yep, train is now off the tracks) and after a season and a 1/2 they canceled it.

I blame Jay Leno and that whole NBC nightmare.

Now in that case I bought the DVD for my Dad because he was in Malaysia and didn't get the shows and I didn't think any fool was going to cancel this show. Gah. And now, do I ever want to buy the last DVD and then sit and have a 'Life' fest but it goes against my prickly nature to reward those who make stupid decisions.

Cake and eating it is the only way I'm playing the DVD game so I hope networks start listening up. I'm not buying a 'whole series' DVD when I know the show got yanked off the air so fast, the advertisers were sponsoring blank air.

I'm not sure how this hitch got in my giddie-up tonight but this is a lesson on how not to create a title for a blog not already written.

What was this blog supposed to be about?

Me and the treadmill.

Phaser set to stun.

I'll fill you in later about the treadmill and boring stuff like that.

On the book front I'm a mess because I want to read one kind of romance and don't have a clue who would write it or if I'm in a 'kink' slot and need to look into romantica but I haven't had real luck with that kind of stuff.

But then in the end, it's still angst and stuff, just a little more physical and intense.

So you know, as you were.


jmc said...

I was so disappointed when they canceled Life! The second season...I think between the writers' strike and the way the plot twisted oddly with Reese's absence, it was just too much. I haven't bought the series on DVD, but I did download the last episode from iTunes.

I <3 Firefly, too. Caught a few episodes over the weekend on a random cable channel :) There can never be too much Nathan Fillion. Plus Zoe rocks.

C2 said...

Firefly! *sobs* I'm still bitter. Fox better not kill Fringe. Grrrrrrrr.

CindyS said...

jmc - finally, someone else who watched! It was such a fun show - when he had to shot his car? Loved it. And yeah, so much going on and no one paying attention to great chemistry between the two leads.
I haven't re-watched Firefly yet - I don't want C-Rex coming out for a visit ;)

C2 - Bitter! That's exactly it! I really hope Fringe survives - the characters are great.


Megan Frampton said...

I, too, blame Leno for Life's cancellation. I loved that show. I heard Damian Lewis is going to be on a Showtime show, but I'm not a subscriber. Will have to wait for Netflix.