Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reno Hell? Nothing like mine!

I just caught the tail end of some show where a newly married couple get to buy a house and then have a decorator and builder guy renovate the entire thing. Sure, they have a budget but I'm thinking they have landed a plum gig.

Until I hear the words 'I'm not sure how we'll live her and renovate at the same time - that would be reno hell'.

Uh, you people don't know what reno hell is.

Exhibit A: I watched the video and started laughing before the baseboard segment because it was like 'oh, oh, I can show you something!!'

Bob's trying to wait me out with the grout on the wall - he believes I will eventually see the light and realize he was right all along. Uh, no.

And then Exhibit B: Please note I was out of breath a bit in this video as I ran up the stairs (okay, not sure that's true) and I was rushing because I was getting the 'battery is going to blow' any second sign. So not as much lingering.

I didn't get to the master bathroom which is literally studs and a shower pan (which we will tile) and a working toilet. That dresser you see in the master bedroom under the TV is going to be my custom made vanity for the bathroom. I'll be sure to take some reno shots.

And as to cleanliness in our house? I washed our floors about a month ago (I'm talking on my hands and knees) and the next day - THE NEXT DAY! - Bob walked through with muddy boots. When I did my theatrical gasp - this means very loud noise that makes Bob jump and say 'what, what happened' - he told me he'd clean it up no worries. I purposely did not go near the kitchen cabinets as the kick have dirt all over them.

So I'm a bit of a slouch when it comes to cleaning right now.

And C2 - I thought you idea of a dust colour was spot on. The paint colour is call something clay. For me, if they weren't going to be white, they sure as hell weren't going to be dirty white. So instead, a gray/taupe.

I'll take more pics and stuff as I go.

Oh, and this will be why I won't be around much this week. That library is getting it's paint job lickety-split!


C2 said...

Yay! I LOL'd so hard at the dust-colored paint. :-D That is totally the color I would go with, if I were painting bookshelves. So I figured, you know, all smart Cindys think alike. Heh.

I love the new floor color and the (un-grouted) backsplash in the kitchen is gorgeous. Totally what I would want, if I were re-doing my white kitchen - which is, sadly, back-splash free.

Happy painting! I can't wait to see the "after" pics.

CindyS said...

C2 - I swear I saw the colour on the wall and thought, huh, that's kind of dust coloured - I think I'll use that on the bookcases!

I love my back splash - hubby says the countertops have to go in before grouting. Uh, okay.

And Bob must have had nightmares last night because today I took a new video of the master bedroom. Seriously too funny. But making me look like a liar - goofus!


nath said...

Well Cindy, maybe it's a good thing that Bob is unemployed for the moment. Maybe he can finish it all and you won't have to live in reno hell! :P

I can't wait to see the finished product.

and oh, my room! It's all changed now!