Monday, January 17, 2011

Normal? Really?

I swear, just as I get a handle on how much of a mad house we live in, the hubby shows me what it's really like.

Yep, he must have heard me rambling last night in his sleep and his sub-conscious woke him up and forced him to get a move on.

The Beginnings of Normalcy:

Caveat: The floor is not yet nailed down, so he will have to move the furniture all again - although probably not right out of the room but I did have a WTF moment when B-Rex was huffing about needing to get the bed moved back into the master bedroom. And in case I didn't know, I was told 'he worked his bag off' today. Classy. Which is why I know B-Rex was imminent and it was time to be the doting wife.

See, I can be a team player.


Amy said...

*clapping* Bob done good, girl! The floors are gorgeous, and I love the contrast between them and the wall color.

I was looking at your other two videos on the previous post, and I've gotta say -- I'm jealous. I want your kitchen. Right now. Hand it over.

C2 said...

Very nice! That Bob...isn't he something? LOL

nath said...

LOL, there's a B-rex? :P

The floor looks great!! :)

CindyS said...

Amy - it's Ikea kitchen cabinet - and we did most of it from the 'as is' bin over 2 years. It the backsplash that makes the whole room though. It's sweet to get a deal and then make it look custom by splurging a little somewhere else. I'm thinking the counter tops are going to be super!

C2 - that Bob guy is snazzy ain't he?

Nath - there is a B-Rex but trust me, C-Rex trumps him always. But because C-Rex wasn't around B-Rex got to come out and play. He maybe shows up 2x a year.

And Thanks!


Holly said...

What Nath said. lol

I love the floors. The room looks amazing.

I'm over here catching up on posts tonight. I've missed a lot, especially you. ;)