Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I wanted something way out there as a background. I mean, if I think cream is ucky then the last backdrop was just wrong. But it had a bed in it and I'm so a bed person. Ah well, sunshiny orange and yellow and flirty circles are fun and I want fun.

I have started back on the treadmill - I'm doing 1/2 hour walks and I know I can do better but my stress gut is giving me the gears and at about the 25 minute mark it lets it be known that I need to take a break. Gut trumps everything so yeah, it's winning. I'm hopeful that with more walking the gut will also relax.

A subtle cream for the bookcases has been ruled out. I went to the dreaded home depot and picked out some colours that all looked great in the store and on the chips. On the bookcases, wall and trim it all looks the same. No contrast and I'm a contrast kind of woman. That said, I think the bookcases can be a subtle gray that I picked tonight for the wall. So now a dramatic wall color might be needed. Or the entire room will be the subtle gray - but Bob also loves contrast so I see him putting up a fuss.

The man needs a job.

Just saying. I'm worried that he's kind of looking for himself and everything he's thrown out as possible things to do has me wondering if there isn't a scary Hippy side to Bob. That said, I figure the first month he has no money to do anything and I mean, not even buy a nail kind of anything, he'll screw his head back on. Or I'll screw it back on. Might be I need to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Yikes!

My kitty Pixie doesn't seem to like me anymore. I'm not sure what's up there. Bob says she sleeps with me every day but hey, I'm sleeping so I don't know she's there. She doesn't come out to sit with me at night like she used to and tonight I found her under the bed. I told Bob I'm going to find some catnip and roll around in it and see if I can't find that 'lovin' feelin' from her again. Although I wonder what she thinks. One day Emma her biggest, bestest friend was here and then she was gone and the Shit Disturber showed up.

And finally, I told my gorgeous cousin I was going to throw a baby shower for her. I told her this in September. She told me one of her friends would probably want to help. Uh, yeah, this friend booked a hall and sent out invites. Tomorrow night my Equally Gorgeous Aunt, Gorgeous Cousin (who is somehow also involved in the party planning) and this friend and I are supposed to get together to hash out the details. *sigh* At this point just tell me what to bring and I'm good. So I'm going to sit and keep my mouth shut - Bob will be there to help me with that if I start to talk. I really am a laid back person but for some reason, the friend sending out the invites has kind of tweaked my nose a bit. I did call Gorgeous Cousin and told her that I didn't need to be involved at all (there are 4 people creating this party now?) and she was all 'no, no, we need you.' But then she takes after me and is a people pleaser too.

Tomorrow night I'll share my recent book buys with you - I used up one gift card and I'm so squee happy about my choices.

Now, to figure out what I'm going to buy with the rest of my gift cards!


Amy said...

I love the new backdrop here, Cindy. Very sunshiny! Are you going to paint the walls a darker color and go with the bookcases in a light color? I've seen that and liked it -- like a oceanside blue for the walls and cream for the bookcases.

Speaking of baby showers -- oy! I've got about 4 baby blankets I need to make. Well, ok, 3 baby blankets and I want to make Micah a small one so she has her own 'binky'. Sounds like a project for me once I get the staples out tomorrow (yay!)

nath said...

LOL, when I first read this post in Google Reader, I didn't know what you mean by backdrop LOL. But now I get it!!

So what colors did you settle on?

Well most important is that GC enjoys her baby shower! :)