Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here and There

I know, original but I liked the mix with the last post title.

So what's new with you? I hope you are all doing well!

What's new with us?

So many things I'm not sure where to start.

Just for fun, I make sure I get to see Baby Ben at least twice a week. It's funny how such a small little man can make me feel utter joy. Don't know if I've mentioned or not but Gorgeous Cousin rocks as a mom and I'm so proud of how she is handling everything. Especially since her SO has not found a job down our way so he's only home on weekends. I also feel horrible for him because I know how it feels to leave the baby and he's not mine!

I'm just so proud of her and Ben is such a good baby. He has his fussy moments but he's only driven his new mommy to tears once and that was early days home with her SO to help and the baby wouldn't stop crying. But I just love the light he has brought to the family. I actually enjoy watching all my family interact with him and that's saying something because I will hog that baby gleefully.

Okay, next!

Bob and I were approached by our former neighbour to ask if we would purchase their house and do a flip. We were floored and we explained to the person that she would be better off putting the house on the market as we wouldn't be able to touch market price. She insisted she wanted us to have the house (in truth Bobby - people do love the Bob) so we got her an agent but she went with our offer - soooooo, sometime in early May we may just be the proud new owners of our 4th renovation house.

Don't tell Bob but I'm a touch excited by all the possibilities and Bob and I have decided to go in with no partners so really, it's just he and I making all the decisions. Bob went a bit over the top with the original design but we've talked through it and I think he understands where I'm coming from and how best to make our money on it.

On top of all that, Bob is holding down 2 other jobs and was essentially offered a third the other day. I keep saying 'bird in the hand, bird in the hand!!' in other words, we have to look at what we have instead of searching the bushes hoping for better. It's a lesson I've learned as I go on in life.

Little bit of wisdom for ya, you're welcome.

Other than all that I can tell you truly that I don't want to read ANY book EXCEPT for Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh.


I admitted my mental block. It's like I can't really concentrate on another story because it's not the one I want. So instead of forcing anything I'm sitting idly by and reading reviews and building up my shopping cart at Chapters.

On a completely different note:

Two nights ago I discovered Pixie (how dare you invade my personal space!) and Twilight (a little love never hurt anyone!) curled up with each other on the bed while Bob was sleeping. Did I get the picture evidence? I did, but it's on my video cam and I haven't downloaded anything from it yet.

So yes, the adventures of C-Rex and Bob will soon hit high gear. Until then, hardwood floors need to go down on the main floor, a coffered ceiling needs to be built in the dining room, the fireplace is currently getting painted and touch ups everywhere need to be dealt with. I'll get there yet!

Happy reading! Hope you are reading something that is really working for you!


Kat said...

Cindy, the Kiss of Snow ARC at the readers convention here in Sydney reached $500! Can you believe it? I consoled myself by the thought that I really want to read the book, but I also want it to last, so the longer I have to wait, the longer I get to the end. I'm happy as long as the spoilers don't hit me before the book is in my hands... (You know I want it bad if I'm not even reading spoilers!)

I'm reading romance but now that you mention it my reviews have been mostly YA. It's because the review copies I get from local publishers are usually YA. That's about to change next month because we're focusing on Aussie authors and I'm determined that most of them will be romance authors, dammit!

C2 said...

Congrats on the new house, you crazy remodelers, you! :-D

Also, Kiss of Snow? OMG SO GOOD! Totally worth the wait till June. Heh. Have you seen how expensive the ARC is over at Operation Auction? Holy moly!

CindyS said...

Kat - I know! I went to see the price at the current Auction and about fell flat. Like you I'm waiting but Singh did put up a small snippet on her blog and I read it - feel so much better and now it's just patience. And yay for some romance - everybody needs a little ;)

C2 - Yep, Bob and I are crazy for renos - this one was just too good to pass up. All this while Bob starts up a new company - got great news tonight that his company is now the exclusive sales agents for 2 very prosperous mills. Very excited for him!

And you've read KOS!!! I'm jealous!! And yes, I went to the auction with my handy dandy credit card and the damn thing wilted when it saw the current bid. Sadness.


nath said...

Cindy, the wait will be all worth it!! If you read Kiss of Snow now, what are you going to do then? :P

Wow, things move fast in a manner of days, right?

It's pretty awesome about the house! And that's good that Bob has work to do. I'm thinking it's time I start looking, sigh...

Ohhh, do you have any picture of Baby Ben? :) Sounds like your Gorgeous Cousin is a great mom, that's awesome :)

CindyS said...

Nath - it is funny how with us it's either full on mania or complete boredom ;)

And I'm so glad you asked about a picture of Ben - I hadn't put one up yet but I have one of the first that were taken of him and I and seriously, I look like the happiest person in the world! I'll have to see if I can find the pic in the computer. I have so many things I need to organize - music, photos and videos Yikes!