Monday, March 14, 2011

This and That

I'm still alive and all. I have to say that I'm fully into cabin fever and it's not pretty. I think I'm fighting some depression but the good news is the exercise room is now all up and running so for the past few days the exercise has helped with my mood.

I'm stunned as I know most people are about what is going on in Japan. I just hope and pray that those who are in need get help now. It does make you feel powerless for sure - at least it does for me as I can do nothing for them except donate money. I do find comfort in the fact that Japan has training for these kind of natural disasters - I just don't think they expect everything to happen all at once.

In other news, I have not seen my baby cousin and I'm getting all antsy.

In even other news my husband is getting shell shocked by the price of things.

See, he had a job. And we had a paycheck and we also had a company car. Gas, insurance and well, the cost of things Bob wanted did not really enter his world view. Afterall, he was well paid and hey, he works hard so why not get a chocolate chip cake for later that night.

For the past week I have heard about how much is costs to drive to places.

Yeah, I know. I used to drive everywhere for my job but I was reimbursed mileage but hey, I was always aware of how much money went in the tank and most people have to know that. Bob has never really had to factor that in and now it's all 'it's going to cost us 30 bucks to go see my family!'

Then he wanted that chocolate chip cake I had mentioned earlier and holy cow, it's 5.99! 'Did you know this cake was that much!?' I get asked. Truly, I don't know that I ever really looked as again, job, finances, things were fine - now I'm looking at him and wondering if this new crabby Bob is worth 5.99 (just kidding).

What's funny is Bob thinks I spend most of our money and hey, I never really cared because really, I didn't. Now I look at him and say 'who spends all our money now?' and I think Bob is coming to the conclusion that 200 bucks at Home Depot is 2 weeks of gas money.

He told me I wasn't allowed to buy books anymore. I laughed and said I still have 200 bucks in gift cards to which his answer was 'crap!! I used all my gift cards.'

There's a whole lot of other stuff going on that I have to bite my tongue about but he does get C-Rex grilling him every few days and he's not used to that. He has started a Sales Agency with 2 partners and I so hope these guys can make a great go of it. I know they can, they just need to get enough clients going.

Anyways, he was offered something this past week and he's thinking it over. Of course, me being the biggest and best proponent of all things Bob (seriously, I think he's a genius and if he would only hire me as an agent we'd be rich in a few years. Or not because C-Rex can be off-putting) - I felt he needed some reality thrown in like cost of benefits (we use 'em!), cost of gas/mileage, wear and tear on a vehicle etc. These are things a company that hires Bob would have to come up with so in this new company he needs to ask the right amount of compensation to take care of all those things.

But, what do I know. I just know I pray and bide our time with full faith in Bob as long as he remembers his value and doesn't undervalue his work. (yes, we had that discussion and C-Rex almost bit him)

Anyways, that's the pile of ugh we have over here - I hope you guys are all holding strong and finding lots of leisure time and I don't know about you guys but I can't wait for the spring!


Amy said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Bob makes a successful go of this new venture. It sounds exciting -- and hugely daunting -- to start something of your own up. In a way, I'm jealous -- but I'm also a scaredy cat. LOL

CindyS said...

Amy - I'm the same way only I don't know enough about business to start anything. How do you factor cost for materials (okay, I know that) but then time and hopefully profit etc. The past few years has seen Bob at the top of the company so he has seen all the costs and expenses that go into a company so we're starting soft and hopefully he'll gain ground.


nath said...

Hey Cindy! I meant to comment and I guess I forgot ^_^; LOL.

LOL, funny that Bob is now realizing the prices of things. I guess it's not as jarring when you have an income!! But suddenly, when you don't, everything seems to be more expensive ^_^; And awwww, he doesn't have any more giftcards to Home Depot LOL.

It does suck though about not having the company car anymore :(

I hope that Bob finds himself a job soon :)

And yes on spring!! Although apparently, we're getting snow today! 10-15cm!! However, I doubt it'll stay.

Holly said...

Oh man, Bob makes me LOL. MM and I have trouble with the "cost of things", too. MM's mom, like most mothers, told MM when he was younger that when he grew up and moved out and had his own money he could buy whatever he wanted. Like I said, I think all mothers say this to their children at least once. But MM, unlike everyone else, took this to be his freaking life mantra. I hear "but my mom said I could buy what I want when I moved it! So I moved out and now I can buy what I want!"

I've taken to telling him what his mama should have told him was he could buy what he wants until he gets a wife, then he has to buy what she wants. He doesn't like that so much.

I hope things work out with Bob's new venture. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Kat said...

Hi, Cindy. Just catching up on my bloghopping. I hope you and Bob are well and that you've had a chance to see your baby cousin again.

I had almost given up on Kresley Cole, but I got a freebie on the weekend so I'm giving her one last chance!

CindyS said...

Holly - I replied a few days ago but then blogger bleeped up the post - stupid computer. And you think MM is bad - I waiting to see how my Godkids turn out because they point and they get. I also wonder about parents who can't save a dime and how their children interpret that.

Oh and tell MM that whatever he buys you get to spend the same value on something you want. Works with Bob every time. I'm sorry, you want 1200 bucks to buy drywall? I'll need 1200 bucks to buy a piece of furniture. To which Bob's response is 'We don't need furniture!!!'

Kat - I have had some cuddle time with the Baby! I would love to hear what you think about the book and her last chance - are you reviewing romance or just YA right now?