Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkey Business

So Bob rocked Valentine's Day with a simple addition of a monkey to my collection. This time I knew it was a monkey and darn if I can't stop pressing the little button that makes it talk to me!

I controlled myself while videoing but I did let out one 'ah! ah!' I can't help but make the last two noises when it plays and those darn arms make me laugh.

Emma just shrugged.

Kitten took one look and ran for bear.

Other things going on - I'm into the Olympics but not glued to the set which is healthier for me than usual. Although I can't believe there are athletes who are getting medals even when they fall flat on their asses. I mean, seriously? Remember when everything had to be perfect to get a medal? I watched the doubles freestyle figure skating and couldn't believe how awkward everything looked and all the medal contenders had falls!

I watched just a bit of the snow boarding tonight and was stunned to see medals going to two athletes who fell on their last runs. Maybe knowing you have a medal makes you go full out in hopes of gold but falling never seemed to get people anywhere before.

And I've been hearing the grumblings about Vancouver and stuff but I remember the gripes about the other host nations. I think it was in Italy where people were upset about the stray dogs so they had to round them up - in China it was the real age of the athletes that came under fire.

It is too bad about the weather but then I've never thought of the city of Vancouver being very snowy. Whistler sure but when I think of Vancouver I think of rain.

Are you all watching the games or enthralled in a book? I have about 6 movies I need to watch so I can return them before I own them. Ooops. Also, I've noticed my eyesight is worse than I remember it being. When I last went to the eye doc he said I had almost perfect vision. Now, my eyesight seems to go in and out of focus which is definitely throwing me off when reading. For the first page or two my eyes are out of focus and then after that they do focus. It's the oddest thing - but I did just find my reading glasses so hopefully that will get me back up to speed.


C2 said...

The monkey is filled with awesome! :-D

I'm watching some of the Olympics but NBC's coverage is making me tired. *grumble* I've found it's better to record and FF thru all the extra crap - I just want to see the sports, for crying out loud.

CindyS said...

He's the Bee's knees!!

Yep, just the sports please! I flip back and forth between Can coverage and Am. Depends on who's bugging me most ;)


Kristie (J) said...

I'm like you - I've been watching though I'm not glued - well - I did stay up until after midnight watching the men's figure skating and I'm on the early shift today so I'll pay of the late night today.
And the monkey is adorable with his flapping arms.

nath said...

Awww, the monkey is sooo cute! LOL! Great gift :)

I'm totally glued to the Olympics. We even put it on at work, the online coverage is quite good :D Ugh, CTV is so annoying... luckily, there's TSN and Rogers Sportsnet.

Well seriously, if they have a higher degree of difficulty, it's normal they get a medal even if they're not perfect. They're taking risks.

These are the new sports, Cindy. Gotta go through so many rounds before being in the race for the medals. Luck has to be on your side :D