Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy VD!!!

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I loathe this event.

There was the year from 'hell' there back at the old house and since then I wish I could convince Bob to just forget it.

What struck me this week was something I remember from years ago.

Bob will show up out of the blue on a work day - usually he's popping in to pick something up or whatever. Back early in our marriage I remember him showing up at a store I was at and I was so surprised I think I made a very loud sound of joy. He told me it was always nice to be greeted by such joy by the person you love.

I had been thinking about that time so many years ago and I wondered if I still had that reaction. After a while you take things for granted or moments that someone else pointed out for you drift off.

I was in the truck heading out to get something to eat and saw a car in the distance. My mind briefly flashed that maybe it could be Bob but I sluffed it off. As I got closer I saw it was Bob and I honked my horn and realized I was calling out to him even though my window was up. I was happy and I could tell by his reaction he was happy to see me too. Even though he knew he was going to see me any minute.

Another 'moment' for me (and I've heard from Bob also) is when I turn down the street and see Bob's vehicle in the driveway. I can't wait to get in the house! It's always special but even more so when I don't expect to see it.

This week I mentioned to Bob how almost 15 years into marriage I still get excited when I see him - to me, sharing that with him means more to me than cards and (Lord have mercy I don't need any chocolate!) candy.

If you love Valentine's Day then I wish you a great and happy day.

If you hate Valentine's Day then I wish you a great and happy day.

Stay tuned for the yearly Valentine's Day fuck up. I'm sure Bob and I will step into something, we always do.


Jenster said...

I neither love nor hate VD. It's just a day. But I DO love this post! I feel the same way about Todd. Especially when I come around the corner and see his truck in the driveway when I didn't think he was home yet. :)

C2 said...

You and Bob are so cute. ;-) I hope your Valentine's Day is smooth sailing.

nath said...

You're a lucky woman, Cindy :D and in that case, v-day doesn't matter much :D

CindyS said...

Bob did awesome! I'll have to do a video of the new monkey I have. And, no. It's not a new kitten although I wish ;)