Saturday, February 06, 2010

Maybe I'm a Groundhog

Basically I've seen my shadow and curled back up in my hole.

The February blahs decided to hit me immediately instead of creeping up on me like most years.

So Pffffffffffffffffttttttttttt!

I have been working on ballots and write up for the Annual Poll so when I'm not just lazing around (ha!) I'm trying to make sense with words.

I know. Quite a mountain I'm climbing.

Oh, but let me sum up my week:

1. Found out my Gorgeous Cousin has not heard from her boyfriend since the New Year - nice timing on the dick - got all his gifts and bailed. I'm praying hard GC gets over him this time and lets him go. Or kicks his ass. Either works. I'm terrified he'll come out of the woodwork (and he will when this new girl figures him out) and she'll take him back again. She's just too young to be dealing with this crap - 24 and gorgeous - I'm just saying, lose him already!

2. BF has now officially begun a relationship with another man outside of her marriage. Okay, breathe. Here's my thing - she really hasn't ever stopped dating. Sure, this time she managed 10 years of being faithful but OMG get a divorce!! Nope, staying for the kids - who I have explained to her would hate her if they find out.

What I CAN'T get over (and trust me I've been struggling with a lot) is her belief that she could tell her husband that she needs to be with another man while remaining married. Yep. She can't tell him the things that bother her like 'help around the house, take better care of yourself, help more with the kids' but she thinks she could tell him she needs an open marriage. Yuck. Not only that but she believes he would stay with her (and I do to because seriously, he's not much - I try not to mean that meanly but this guy has the social graces of vomit but still, she married him!)

I know. I'm trying to stay out of it and free of her but her kids are our godkids. Enough said on that one.

3. Best bud's boyfriend tried to commit suicide Wednesday night. Just so you know, this is the guy who put 'ass' in asshole. Just saying. Long story shorter - she gets him out of his truck which he had jerry rigged goes back to house to call for help he goes into his shop and starts a fire - she stomps it out and he goes to make a bigger fire but the police arrive in time.

Cut to yesterday afternoon - he's pissed at her because she called the cops, he spent a night in jail and didn't 'take a piss' (quoting here) because he was afraid to whip it out and now everyone thinks he's crazy. She lets him vent (she actually said to me, I let him vent because I had vented to my friends - okay, how she didn't beat the snot out of him is beyond me) - he needs to get help and he's booked in for next week. Not that he tried to kill himself the night before but hey, he should get through the week okay.

Anyways - he doesn't believe he set a fire - told girlfriend there would be scorch marks on the floor (what a &%*$$^*%) and that the vacuum hose he had used to get the carbon dioxide into the truck would have melted away before it killed him.

What a fu^&%^%^ ^%#$%^ &*%^&(*^ %^%^^( with a side of ^%$#$#%%$

Like OMG I would have smacked him over the head with a blunt object.

I yelled (and I mean I yelled) at my friend 'I want you to leave him!' and she immediately answered 'I know you do Cindy'.

Once again, I can't live other people's lives cause I would obviously be up on so many felony charges I wouldn't ever see the light of day.

*and breathe it out*

I told Bob I want a jammie weekend. I don't want to have to do anything but maybe I'll see my Gorgeous Cousin since the Super Bowl will be on this weekend and I never do care.

But hey, how was your week?

Edited: It occurs to me that people might think I'm lying about some of this - or maybe exaggerating. The very sad truth is, I'm holding a fist full of crap back. If I could write I would so out the BF and the BB. With different names of course but I'm sure they would know themselves and hate me.


~ames~ said...

Well i'm hoping your gorgeous cousin doesn't take that loser back. She needs to meet a nice guy.

C2 said...

Wow, you've had a drama-filled week. Yikes!

I hope you get your jammies weekend. :o)