Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Here

I'm still here - in the middle of ballot season for AAR so that's keeping me busy.

Also, I'm now playing too many online games - amazing how addictive that stuff can be.

I had taken too much time away from the treadmill so I started that back up 3 days ago. Legs are cramped up but I forgot to stretch out last night after I got off the treadmill so I'm blaming that.

I'm healthier but no lighter for the amount of time I spend on that treadmill thing. An hour a day should have an effect but I guess once again I'm eating way too much. Surprise!

Kitten is doing great except I have discovered I have given her an eating disorder.


Since I took her to the vet she won't go near her food dish (the canned food). That's how I caught her the first time was with food. Now she'll hide around corners and look at the food. I'll slide it towards her and she runs. I picked her up the other day thinking if I picked her up and put her back down by her food she might realize the food isn't a trick. Poor thing tore rubber getting away again.

The other night I put her food on the stairs - I think she licked it and then ran.

Poor monkey.

I told Bob I can't feed the cats cause it's heartbreaking to see Pixie hiding under the stove as I get the food out.

Hopefully she'll forget and all will be well again.

I'm almost finished Blaze of Memory - seriously, it's a great story I just don't make the time to sit and read.

Bad Cindy.

I told Bob last night that February is Reading Month. I don't want to hear you have no clean clothes, no food in the house or that it's filthy.

It just will be.


LinnieGayl said...

Awww. Pixie will definitely forget. Kitties can be amazingly forgiving and forgetting.

nath said...

Pixie is still young, don't worry, she'll recover!!

I'm glad you're enjoying Blaze of Memory :D I liked it too :D

Getting healthier is a good step :D

Lynn Spencer said...

Aw, poor Pixie! I'm sure she'll come around and settle in okay.