Saturday, January 16, 2010

AAR Annual Reader's Poll

Being a pollster, I can safely say the next 2 weeks are going to be busy. The AAR annual reader's poll will go up on Monday and the ballots are sure to rush in.

This year we're only running it for 2 weeks so I don't see there being a lot of down time for me until the 31st when the poll ends - oh wait, it will take a few days longer cause of last minute ballots.

I'll try to pop in and let you know how life is going but I'm also going to try and read more. I'm reading Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh and I'm really enjoying it. Still, too many plans to let me just sit in peace and read to my heart's content.

Although after this weekend, I won't have any birthdays until the first week of February. Sweet!

And Pixie may have come out of her heat - phew! But she goes in on Monday *sad* and I won't really feel better until she is back home and causing Emma heart ache.

Sadly, Emma has finally calmed down enough to let the kitten clean her - Amber used to clean Emma all the time cause she was the baby - so Bob saw the kitten cleaning Em and told me about it. I thought, finally Emma has her role of 'being the doted on one' back. Where it's sad, kitten will smell of vet and it'll take weeks for Emma to stop hissing again.

Ah well, such is life around here.

How's it going in your life?


ReneeW said...

I'm so glad you reminded me about the AAR poll. I missed it last year. Poor kitty. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. I have Blaze of Memory in my TBR and would like to read it before the AAR polling ends but looks like I won't get to it.

Kristie (J) said...

My cats are constantly cleaning each other - it's very odd to see. And sometimes they sit so close you can't tell where one begins and the other ends!!

And I'll be getting my ballot ready and sent soon *g*. I'm one of those who will help keep you busy - heh, heh, heh.
It's going to be tough this year. Usually I like to spread out my votes but there was one book I read this year that was so far ahead of most of the others, I'm thinking it will get a majority of my votes.

CindyS said...

ReneeW - I'm glad that I have a few friends who vote in the polls and who like the reminder ;) I'm missing Pixie HUGE - Emma meanwhile is purring so hard the floor is vibrating!

Kristie(j) - I love when they are so comfortable that they groom and sleep with each other. Very rare in our house. Yay!! Another ballot - okay, the minute you tell me your fav of the year I'll smack myself in the head but I'm blanking. Unless it's Lord Ian. Hmmm.