Saturday, January 02, 2010

High Hopes

I have to say that I have high hopes for 2010. I'm not sure where all this resolve has come from but I guess I'm ready to make a few changes and instead of being afraid or overwhelmed I'm hopeful and dare I say joyful about the possibilities of this year.

(This is a rare baby Cotton Top monkey and he makes me happy! - I swear I want it as my new avatar!)

I didn't really think about the year and it only hit me the other night that another decade has fallen away and I feel like it was a 'blink' in time. Yikes. So instead of worrying about things I can't do I'm going to try and focus on the things I want to change.

I already talked about the treadmill. I haven't been on it since Bob got on holidays so Monday is going to be fierce - for pain anyways. But I'm ready.

Food. Me and food are not friendly. I eat whatever takes my fancy and the food in turn globs onto my body and makes me super lumpy. Yuck.

So I need to have an actual relationship with food, even if it's a 'fuck you' kind of relationship and think about what it is I'm eating. We'll see how that pans out but I want to buy the book about the belly fat cure. It's about sugar in your diet and looking at my friend (who has never been fat but because she is so skinny you notice her little paunch - she no longer has it since adopting a sugar free (on weekends it's okay) diet) and Bob, I can see it makes a huge difference in body fat.

Here's hoping it deals with all fat and not just belly flub.

I'll be adding resistance to my 'workout' to build muscle and since I'm a weakling, muscle is probably a good thing.

I'm looking forward to taking time to read now. My dad is home from Malaysia which means Bob and I won't have to go out and see my mom every few days (not that that sucked but it did cut down on reading time). I also need to cut back on spending so staying in and reading and cooking dinner are the perfect options!

I'm hoping some of my online game obsessions have reached their peak (okay, I think they are still there but the shine has tarnished and my brain isn't looking for diversion anymore - must have been that Christmas thing).

TV is always a bad habit but that one hour of hiking on the treadmill keeps me happy enough to not obsess over this. After all LOST will be back on and few new series might be coming out.

By the way, Jay Leno and NBC have killed TV.

I'm just saying.

Oh, I threw a doozy at Bob on New Year's Eve about uh, money. Floored the man I did. But sometimes getting someone to see the reality means a hard lesson and boy, we earned it. We're fine and no worries - it was just that we have a mortgage and then a line of credit. While our mortgage is diving downwards the line of credit has been creeping upwards. I was aware of it because I pay everything. I tried to get Bob to understand but no, it took our LC getting to a point where I said to Bob 'hey, that LC that you think is 'this much' is actually 'this much'.

He didnt' leave me.

So we're on track now and have a plan - remember how I can't say no to BF? Yeah, try me saying no to Bob. Doesn't happen. So having Bob on my side when financial decisions are being made helps immensely.

Course, the next day he was telling me about these dressers he had seen and how they are perfect for our bathroom renovation.

One day.

He rolled his eyes and said, 'we'll just know where they are and I can do the plumbing in prep'. I've seen the plumbing problems that happen when the unit is in the house, can't imagine what will happen if we are 'guessing'.

Living and learning. I guess that's how we roll.

Any plans for the new year? I don't do resolutions as much as plans. Cause resolutions scare the crap out of me!


nath said...

Sounds like you're motivated :D That's a good thing and the first step for the success of your plans ;D

Oh and your dad is back back, like forever back? That's a good news :D

CindyS said...

Yep, back for good, officially re-retired! 2 years it was and he said he's tired and done. Good for him!

And I'm feeling very motivated. It's 'doing' that's going to give me a run for my money ;)

Mary G said...

Hi Cindy
I'm going with goals instead of resolutions & we'll see where that goes. I want to wish you & Bob & the kittys all the best in the new year. Meeting you & Bob, Nath, Lea & Kristie was the highlight of 2009for me. Hope we can do it again this year.
BTW the word verification was "ruinthin". Been there , done that LOL.

CindyS said...

Mary G - Happy New Year to you and your family - hopefully we can all find time to get together again this year!