Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Stuff

1. I'm feeling horrible for our kitten Pixie. (Isn't she just gorgeous! Tonight Bob caught a glimpse of her belly and saw a white spot - I also just discovered it this morning! I swear her colouring changes daily - she has like 4 colours on her Black, grey, white, rust/brown - the white is under her chin, on her chest and now on her belly - too cute! Okay, enough squeeing from me)

She gets spayed next Monday and I'm freaking out a bit about her having to stay at the vet's office over night. Gah.

But that's not why I'm feeling horrible.

Looks like I was a week too late for her to not experience her first heat.

Poor sad sack is about crawling up the walls. Bob was saying the other night he was amazed at how talkative Pixie had become and WHAM, it hit me.

Amber was 7 months (they assumed) when we adopted her and she spoke her mind nightly for probably a month before getting fixed. It was only later we realized that she wasn't that talkative normally.

So yeah, Pixie's in heat and when she really starts to caterwaul I feel so bad for her. If only I had called the vet a week earlier she may not have had to go through this. Gah.

2. I got up today and headed off to a restaurant I drag Bob too every once in a while. I have gone there 3 days in a row now. Today I ate so much that I was in pain for a few hours afterwards. I'm hoping that cured my newest addiction to this place cause I can't continue eating like that. Yikes!

3. After hours on the sofa I decided I needed to get on the treadmill to help the tummy digest. I was fine until 38 minutes. I stopped at 40 minutes as it was either that or puke.

Once again, hoping that keeps me from going to the restaurant for a 4th day in a row.

4. Bob was supposed to be out late tonight (hence my over eating at lunch) so I didn't worry about dinner or anything. He got home much earlier which was nice.

The surprise was when I turned to say hi to him after he got in the door and he stopped dead. 'You look so relaxed! I'm so glad!'

Guess I wore all that holiday stress and early year anxiety openly.

5. I have no plans tomorrow. Makes me very happy!

6. I bought a silly hat for the cats and had planned to put it on Pixie. Well, I didn't know Pixie would hide for 3 days so instead I put it on Emma. I know she looks like she's ready to kill someone but seriously, she was purring so hard because she was the center of attention it was just too funny.


nath said...

Hope you feel better! So, did you go to the restaurant again today?

Poor Pixie :( At least, she'll only suffer it once...

LOL, I love Emma!! She cracks me up so much... Yeah, she doesn't seem happy ^_^;

C2 said...

Pixie is beautiful! Poor thing. And Nath's right - at least she only has to suffer once (your ear drums only have to suffer once too).

I think Emma's red hat looks lovely with her black and white fur and of course she isn't mad - she's only giving us her haughty model look. :-D

~ames~ said...

Pixie is such a cutie. And she'll be ok. Emma's cute too. :P

What kind of restaurant is it?

CindyS said...

Nath - Nope, I managed to stay away! Yay me!! Em always cracks me up. Purred herself silly with that hat on her.

C2 - Ain't she just something? I feel bad when she's really caterwauling but it's only got a bit worse over the past day. She gets fixed on Monday and I was reading about how if the cat is in heat they could bleed easier and stuff in the operation. Gah!!

Ames - Thanks hun.

It's actually a grocery store called Dennigers - I'm not sure the nationality but I'm thinking German as I get pork snitzel with some fries and gravy and a small caesar salad - man, yesterday the young lad packed in so much food I didn't realize it wasn't a 'normal' portion till my stomach started to stretch!

It's quite a hot spot at lunch - it's like a cafeteria setting and the people line up almost out the door. Yum!