Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Week - Nothing New

Turns out the February blahs skipped out and showed up in March. The buggers.

So we're not really doing much and yet we're out and about visiting and seeing people. Still, at about 2am I'm feeling all frenzied and want out of the house.

Bob's heading out for the week on Monday and best bud and son will come and stay over night Monday to Tuesday. That's rough for someone like me and my sleep schedule. But I find I get tired easy if I'm up and 'on' all day.

Gorgeous Cousin came and stayed the night last week and I was able to get 8 hours of sleep and get up at 8:30am. She left around 1pm and then my other best bud and her SO came about 3pm - went to dinner and then sat and visited for much of the night. So I done good.

I have Jennifer Estep's book in my TBR hands and got to the first page the other night.


Now, to just carve out some Cindy time.

Okay, I have a lot of Cindy time but I find the winter makes me co-dependent on the TV and computer. I'm currently addicted to too many facebook games and my ass is so looking forward to spring so I don't abuse it by sitting in my chair with my feet up on the desk all hours of the day/night.

On another note I've done something to the setting on blogger (I think) and the comment pages and now this window I'm typing in are HUGE. I need to figure out what it is I do when the mouse scrolly thing makes the screen larger and smaller. Normally it just scrolls but I hit something and bam, the screens are zooming in and out.

Other than that, nothing new happening. I want to spend money cause Bob and I have been thrifty to the extreme although the last two weeks saw us spending more than normal. Gorgeous Cousin has to watch her money and things like needles, insulin and sugar substitutes are killer expensive so Bob and I bought a few things for her.

Then the birthdays.


Best buds are turning 40 this month so 'special' gifts needed to be bought (that's on me), one 7 year old needs a gift and Bob's birthday is on the 22nd.

And I had to buy the antivirus program.


The good news is I have a 50 dollar Chapters gift certificate to spend. Wheeeee. Although I'm going to be looking at some diabetes books. I'm sure I can still squeeze some fun out of the card though.

Happy Weekend everyone!


nath said...

Oooooh, cool about the 50$ chapters giftcard! Why are you looking for diabetes books?

Did you enjoy Glee?

Hope you enjoy the Jennifer Estep!

CindyS said...

Nath - that's the problem with Facebook - I forget where I told things.

My gorgeous cousin (24years old) was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes - that's the juvenile one where she needs to take insulin. Pancreas is shot from what the docs presume was an untreated infection. She's been having problems for over a year - can you believe her family doc never had her sugar tested in all that time?

So she was at emergency levels when she went to a walk in clinic where the doc told her she had cronic fatigue syndrome. GC said her eyes rolled so hard she had to pick them up at the side of the room. That same doc had ordered blood tests and at 11pm at night the phone started ringing off the hook. My Aunt picked up and was told to get GC to the hospital immediately and when they got there they were waiting for her.

Scary stuff but oh so glad they finally figured it out! Her sugar was at like 50 (normal range is between 4 and 6) - a few days later they let her go home and whenever I talk to her now she says she feels so alert. That she had felt like she was walking around in a fog for months. Yikes!

She's an ECE (early childcare educator) and works for little money and no benefits and this stuff is expensive. So the family is trying to help her out without getting my Aunt's ire up ;) Auntie is protective and tries to get us not to spoil GC. But we do so love to spoil her.


I'm going to post this on my blog also.