Thursday, March 04, 2010

Busy? Or No?

I'm sure you all know I don't like last minute plans. Anxiety and all that stunning crap.

Actually, it's not so much last minute plans as plans that haven't quite gelled.

Tomorrow I think GC is coming for 'Glee Night'. We're going to sit and watch Glee from beginning episode to the end. I think she wants Bob to join us but he's not really a Glee kind of guy. And there are no places in our home where more than 2 people can watch the TV at a time. So I'm thinking he's going to lose out.

I don't know is GC is going to stay the night though. What has this got to do with anything?

I have to clean up whichever room she will stay in. And yeah, the bathrooms and stuff. BUT, if she can't stay over, no laundry for me.

Also a best bud is turning 40 on the weekend. Last weekend her SO asked if we would be available to go out for dinner which I said 'hell ya!'. I haven't heard a peep since. So, are we going or not? Do I need to figure out what I'm getting her or not? Do I have to spend the money now or do I wait until I know for sure I'll see her and pitch the cash then?

Getting down to the point.

Do I have to shake off the lazy or can I roll around in it just a little bit longer?

Oh and Nath - my plan is to read Jennifer Estep's book over the next week. See, if I knew my weekend was free, I could start the book now, but not knowing, I don't dare start something I can't finish when I damn well want to!


nath said...

LOL, Cindy! I'll be on you next week :D

Ugh, I hate people who don't confirm... it makes it really hard to make plans :( I usually bug my friends to death.

CindyS said...

LOL - I have the book sitting beside me and I've been carrying it over the weekend just in case - tomorrow it gets busted out ;)

I told my best bud about the e-mails back and forth and how her SO didn't once answer a question - so yeah, I definitely gave him the gears about that. In the end a great time had by all!


nath said...

So, how was your week-end, Cindy?