Monday, March 01, 2010

Books On Their Way

I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and with Nath's review of Jennifer Estep's new book I knew it was time to crack it out!

Never heard of the author but Nath's review and subsequent decision that this might just be her best book of the year and it's only March!? made it an easy decision.

And hey, I need to read outside of my box every once in a while but an assassin heroine? Totally in my box.

That is where I ran out of ideas on what to buy. So I went through the 'new release' section and discovered a few books that fit in that online cart quite nicely.

Julie James. I have to say I'm late loading onto this band wagon but I'm nothing if not an avid book buyer.

We'll see what I think when I finally (and we know that might be in the next few years) get down to reading it.

And I like the cover.

Then I saw the release date of the next Pamela Clare book and just had to buy.

I loved, loved, loved Ride The Fire but have not got around to reading more books by Ms. Clare. I'm thinking that's been a horrible oversight and I need to fix it next to immediately.

The next two books by Lisa Marie Rice surprised me as I didn't even know they existed. I don't know whether people are reading them and thinking 'meh' or I missed the glowing reviews. So I took a chance and bought the two I didn't own.

There's a part of me that understands making the books look similar. At least, I think I understand. Is it branding?

Cause here's the thing. How do you guys know if you already own the book if it looks so similar to the one you already have at home?

For J.R. Ward it's 'Lover' on all the titles and damn if I know which book is which. I can't even tell by the covers.

Pamela Clare's recent books also look similar with the bands on the top and bottom.

In all honesty, I bought these books because they all (except the one) had release dates this week! So I knew they weren't in my TBR pile but if I was at the bookstore? Sure, I could check the copyright date but odds are I just see the one book (cause how often do the bookstores have all the booksby an author in stock) and figure, yep, have it. Or, yep, read it.

It makes me wonder about those readers who aren't online. The regular romance reader. Maybe they have way better memories than I do but if a book looks the same and has a title somewhat the same, how do they know to pick the book up?

Being the lazy one I am, I don't want to have to return things so I would be more apt to not pick up the book and maybe next time I'm in I'll have checked somewhere and know what's going on. Which normally happens never.

And that's just the way my brain is rumbling today.

I wanted to put up a commercial like Kristie did that has played here for a few months and always gets my blood pumping in a good way but I think lots of people are trying to post it so here the link - watch your sound - don't want to blow you out of your seat.

Cause yeah, we do have the most square feet of awesome per person!


Mary G said...

Hi Cindy
You'll not be disappointed with Pamela Clare or Lisa Marie Rice.
Dangerous Passion is one of my faves of 2009. There is a dark suspense juxtaposed with such beautiful passages. Julie James is a hit too. Pamela's suspense are amazing. I gotta get her new one.
Hugs to you, Bob & the kitties.

CindyS said...

Mary - so great to hear from you! Glad to know I didn't buy any duds ;) Hope we can find time to get together again this summer! Hugs!


Mary G said...

For sure Cindy. Nath & Kristie have mentioned getting together & Lea & I have talked about it. Hope Bob can put up with being around us girls again.

C2 said...

I just finished the Julie James book - very, very good! I think you'll like. :)

My spam-inator word: handpity. Yup, they deserve it because they are so painfully dry. Is it Spring yet??

Kristie (J) said...

The two Lisa Marie Rice books are great - I really enjoyed them. And Pamela Clare can write no wrong in my book *g*
And doesn't Molson come up with great commercials???

Mollie said...

I've only read Ride the Fire by Clare but I LOVED it.

I bought 2 of Rice's books at my hometown book store when it was going out of business and everything was 1/2 off. One of her books features a librarian. I was sold. :)

nath said...

I hope you enjoy Spider's Bite Cindy!! Now, you'll have to read it so I don't worry about you not liking it!

I have an excellent memory about books that I own... although, sometimes, the problem is knowing whether I still own it or not ^_^; But I like the branding idea... make the books fit together :)