Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caleb by Sarah McCarty

I wrote this post back in April when I was trying to find my muse and decided it's kind of a book-review so I'll post it now. Unless you guys want an in depth discussion on how my sleeping is so screwed that I slept 18 hours today without feeling it? I'm thinking my 27 hour wakeful zone from the weekend had something to do with this crash but like I said, it gets messy.

Okay, Caleb by Sarah McCarty

I picked up some Sarah McCarty books because I have seen a few good reviews and some people talk about her as an auto-buy. Can I remember where I saw all this, uh no. But that's why this one was pulled off Mt. TBR.

Overall a good story. It's a paranormal with weres and vampires although definitely not the type of vampire I'm used to seeing. The weres we meet seemed like most.

The book started out great and I thought I was in for quite the ride. The heroine is sass personified and knows her own mind and I liked her by the second chapter when she was forced to act and act she did.

So lots of action and then ... things kind of fell into the background. The action part and the sass from the heroine. I found the conversations between Caleb and Allie to be so circular that I just wanted to shake them both. Caleb is hiding tons of things from Allie about becoming a vampire but the things she does know only make her feel inadequate and quite frankly depressed.

Before all that there is some sexing going on. And well, I didn't find it all that sexy.

Don't get me wrong, I think this book would be rated up in the sex scale - like hot but not exactly burning. Hmm, not sure. I need more angst or even passion and chemistry between the H/H than I found here.

Another problem that had me shifting images in my head so many times that I didn't know where any of the characters were in relation to each other (not good in sex scene) or even in the room. One minute Caleb would be cradling Allie in his lap then without any mention he would be in a chair or even standing up.

(I haven't finished the story yet - I'd say I'm 2/3 through the book and I think it's going to take something huge to get me to finish the book. I just wanted to get some of my thoughts down so I would remember the good and the bad so far.)

Uh, finished, kind of.

Let's just say I got within a few chapters of the end and stopped caring. I'm trying to figure out if I rated that as a DNF or just say 'yeah, I got the gist and finally decided I didn't need to know how it ended.

I'm going to read Jared's book which I think is the next book but I will start skimming if I run into some of the rambling conversations that happened in this book.

I liked Allie as a heroine for part of the story, then she kind of flaked out. I'm not sure if it was because she became cut off from her life and life became the house the men lived in or what but Lord, it became depressing. If this had been a historical western I could have understood the isolation but it's a contemporary that read like a historical at times. I understand that these brothers don't really want to expose themselves but to stay so isolated seemed odd.

Anyways, I'm not sure why I want to read Jared's story but I own the book so I'll take a quick boo through it.

There was a scene in this story that had me thinking 'okay, now we're getting somewhere' and then it didn't pan out. Basically, I'm thinking it would have worked better as a threesome story - and I have yet to read one.

I know, things I haven't read yet. Epic.


Dev said...

I was almost drawn in by the cover......I'm probably not going to get this one. Gosh, I bought Preacher's book how long ago and I STILL haven't read it!

CindyS said...

Dev!! Like I said, the things I haven't read yet - epic ;)

nath said...

LOL, Cindy. I love, love reading your thoughts and it doesn't matter what you're talking about :)

Hmmm, Ms McCarthy has never appealed to me. I don't think she's my style... I'm sorry to hear that the book petered out :(

Amy said...

Once again, another author I've never read. Cindy, you might not be good for my TBR!

How appropriate -- "danvampa" is my word verification. Seems like 'they' know I'm into vamp books now.

Holly said...

I've heard a lot of bad things about McCarthy. I've read a few of her books and didn't love them like so many others did. Her heroines don't work for me.

I have heard that her writing has declined quite a bit. I think it was Lori who really disliked this book. And I know she was disappointed with many of SM's later releases.