Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, Right, It's Fall Again

Bob's sick.

Poor guy, I said for years he was a carrier because he never got sick. Never! So I'm a wee bit worried about him and the strength of what he's got.

As a rule, when Bob does get sick he doesn't slow down. He figures he can be sick at work or at home so might as well go to work. I, however, find this thinking so messed up it pisses me off. Why? Cause I said to Bob, 'who's the idiot who was sick at work this past week?' Yep, some sickie hacked and coughed over everything last week. No wonder Bob's sick.

My philosophy is - if you're sick stay the fuck home. Even just for one day. (Course, now I understand there are companies that don't pay people for sick days which I think is a crime. I think everyone should have at least 3 paid sick days a year - that's not too many and probably just enough). The contagious nature of most colds / flu happen in the early stages so I'm all about staying home in the beginning.

I should mention here that I took a course (elective at that) called Plagues and people. To say my world was rocked during that class is putting it mildly. I'm thinking I'm probably one of those people who knows just enough to be dangerous (stupid). Let's just say that the so called 'quarantine' measures I've seen countries put up are laughable to the extreme (this includes Canada's reaction to SARS). In no way do I think the world today could handle a mass break out of any type of disease but I seem okay with that knowledge.

Cheery bit this post is eh?

Anyways, my stalwart husband came home today about 2 hours after he left for work - surprise that! He worked from home (cause just sitting and vegging is not Bob's way) and hacked all over our computer desk, keyboard and friggin' monitor. You better believe I whipped out the Lysol wipes and cleaned off the surfaces. Probably won't save me but hey, I'm giving it a go.

On the home front, Bob and I have now painted our master bedroom way too many times.

Primer coat on the ceiling and four walls - I did.

2 coats of ceiling paint, cutting in around the edges to get a nice white line for separation - I did.

Picked a colour - Nath was right, Bob's colour blind and about had a spaz attack when I said I didn't like the colour - 1 coat on the walls with cutting in - Bob did.

Bought the colour I originally wanted - Bob cut in and painted 4 walls one coat and had a complete meltdown. The cut in looked lighter than the rest of the walls - never seen this before.

I decided to cut in again only to discover that Bob had taken the new paint pail out of the room and I was painting with the original colour that I didn't like. It never occurred to me that he would leave the paint in the room that was the wrong one. I know you are thinking 'didn't you notice?' and seriously, I was painting and thinking how it must dry much lighter - only while cleaning the brush did I think back and go 'uh, no, paint dries darker!!! zomg!!!'

Cindy has meltdown.

Bought another gallon of paint - cut in and painted all walls yet again - I did. There is still a problem with the top part of the walls - a bit lighter still.

Walls feel tacky and I'm not sure they are drying properly so I have told Bob we need to leave the damn thing to cure for the next week. (Bob likes to get things done but hates painting - which is why I get mad when he does paint - I like painting so leave it alone!)

So fingers crossed the walls dry up and the colour bleeds together nicely.

Now I just want to read for a few days but I'm thinking sickie is going to take up all my strength.

At least I bought a couple books - Anne's latest and I think Jayne Ann Castle's latest (although I'm not sure as I haven't been following her series for a few years)

Okay, off to play.


Dev said...

You like to paint? I should have invited you down a few years ago when I was painting my new place.

I hope you don't catch Bob's crud - this has definitely been the year to catch something, though!

Amy said...

I can't wait till I can paint our walls, but living in an apartment, I'm limited to...white. All white. *sigh* Boring.

Hope Bob feels better, and that you avoid the crud. I'm one of those ones that will go to work come hell or high water, plague or no, but I usually wind up being sick on my days off, so I don't get the opportunity to call out.

C2 said...

You know, my dad's his retirement career...and I've never heard him mention the cutting in part ending up lighter. So weird! Now I'm staring around my ceiling. LOL

Poor Bob! Make him some soup. :)

CindyS said...

Dev - yep, I like to paint - but I need my tools and I need music unless you want to gab to me. Then I'm fine. And I don't tape off - it's all freehand.

Amy - you have my sympathy - I don't know how long I could live with white walls although when you see them in magazines they are fantastic. Bob's family grew up with beige in every room so he was surprised when I started picking colours to paint the house. He fought me for a few years when we first got married. Now he sees the colours at different times of the day and marvels at how they change. Poor colour blind monkey ;) He doesn't even try to fight me anymore.

C2 - I know, the cut in is puzzling. I wondered if the first can we had was mislabeled and it was actually oil paint but then the problem would be every where. Tonight I can still see it but Bob claims it looks better. I'm thinking sickie is trying to stay positive ;)


nath said...

That is a lot of painting, Cindy. Even for someone who enjoys it!

I hope Bob feels better soon!