Friday, September 17, 2010

Couch Potato Re-hab

Lord have mercy I have been a lazy couch potato for way too long. The heat helped to keep me from doing anything harder than lifting an ice cold coca-cola to my lips and releasing a happy sigh but what a difference temperature can make.

Tonight I decided to tackle priming (painting) our master bedroom - it's in reno hell - old closets got ripped out and re-plastering every where but if it keeps Bob from spending too much money at home depot then I can live with the dust. Well, Bob's been away for 4 days and for the first 3 days lazy won out over everything. I was disgusted with myself because I used to paint rooms over while Bob slept but my moving mojo jumped out and left me high and dry.

So I decided to quit letting lazy win and climbed out of my comfy chair and got to work. Right now there are two teeny tiny muscles in my arms screaming at me to just knock it off already. I have to say I hate painting ceilings because of the white on white and never knowing where you are. Paint people have come up with that blue/pink ceiling paint that turns to white which will be lovely after all the priming is done. (but that turn happens so fast if you blink you can miss where you were).

I put 2 coats of primer on the ceiling (it's the super primer stuff that is more oozy to put on the wall - it covers stains and plaster repairs and oil based paints so it's a must if you have an older home) and 1 coat all around the room. I would have done another coat (okay, I did one wall twice and about fainted) but it was hot and I was sticky and it was shower time.

The other pain of this stuff is it stinks to high Heaven. Bad stuff that usually gives me a headache but hey, hopefully that part is almost done. What Bob will do now is check for repairs he has to make to the patching - any lines that pop out or holes in the mud - trust me, waking up and staring at a ceiling that is less than perfect will kill my Aries hubby. So hopefully I can not worry about that part so much.

I loved the summer this year but it's nice to be 'doing' things again. Bob and I tried to keep the A/C off for as long as we could cause we're all energy conscious and stuff now (like what the hell?) and I remember just walking across the room was enough work in the heat of the afternoon.

So treadmill here I come again.

Not tonight though. Another night. No really, another night.

Actually I'm probably the only person on the planet who can do an 1 hour walk on the treadmill 5 nights for 7 months of the year and not lose an ounce but stop for 3 months and my girth groweth again.

Oh, so I've stopped buying those 100 calorie treat things because I would have 2 bags when I got up and another 2 before bed. Yep, 400 calories without thinking about it. So I've cut that out and I'm trying to learn to enjoy diet pop. Turns out if I'm eating I can drink diet but I can't sit and sip at a diet pop - which is probably a good thing.

Tonight I cracked like the pop whore that I am and ordered in 4 regular Pepsi with my dinner. I've had 2. I also ordered chocolate cake which I think will die an inglorious death in the next few hours.

The good news is there is always tomorrow.

Course, that's been my motto for a few years - looks like I need a new one!

So lay 'em on me - any great mottoes (Great Scott - that don't look right) you got stashed away?


nath said...

LOL, Cindy, that pic of the potato couch cat is great :P

LOL, enjoy yourself before getting back on the torture device ^_^;

What color are you painting your room?

CindyS said...

nath - I love that cat photo as I know that 'ears down' means they are not happy so the person who got the photo was lucky ;)

We're painting the room purple (maybe it's called mauve) I'm worried it might be too sweet but Bob picked it out of the choices I gave him and I have a way of always picking out the same colours when I'm at the paint store. EG - I picked out a paint colour on the computer (Behr has a paint colour picker online) and when I went to the store the first colour I picked up was the same one I chose online.

And right now my shoulders are killing me from painting the ceiling - and I have 2 more coats to put on yet. Ow, ow, ow!!


nath said...

Go with instinct, Cindy. Isn't Bob color-blind by the way? LOL.

At least, you'll have two nice arms to show off after the painting :)