Tuesday, August 03, 2010


It's already August but I can't complain (except for that darn ear infection) because the weather has been pool friendly for the most part.

I learned yet another lesson this past week. Don't leave your only pair of ear plugs out in your goggles. Kitten can find anything and I guess the two tiny pieces of silicone did her in and setting them inside something probably added that extra ommph needed to make it just too inticing to leave be.

So tomorrow is 'buy a bunch of ear plugs' day so I can get back in the pool already!

I'm waiting for 11pm so I can call Bob before he goes to sleep. He's away for the week and will somehow end up in New York City at some point. Lucky guy. Course, I couldn't do just one day in NYC. I would want to plan it all out - so when my mother asked why I wasn't going with Bob on this trip I just said I needed to stay home with the cats. After all, it's a business trip and staying in a hotel for a few days, although nice, isn't the same as sitting on my duff at home with no one around to bug me. And it's pool season!

On the reading front I have started Singh's latest but I'm struggling with it. Nath has already reviewed the book (I only read parts of her thoughts so I didn't get spoiled) and mentioned that she wanted to see something a bit different and I get what she means so far. We'll see if I change my mind when I'm done reading. Bad to judge a book before you are finished but when you feel you've met these characters before it's hard.

Other than that, we're busy with peeps coming and going and trying to keep the house up to some standard of clean.

Oh, we have moved out of the master bedroom and into a front room so Bob can start demo. In reality it shouldn't be that much work - remove two built ins (lots of plaster dust I'm betting), tear up the floor and put down new hardwood, re-plaster, paint and trim. In the realm of reno-ing, this sounds fairly uncomplicated.

Bob says it will be done end of October.

I didn't ask what year.


~ames~ said...

Hey Cindy! Sucks about the ear infection. :( But LOL at Pixie finding your ear plugs. Cats are special, that's all I'm going to say. LOL How's Emma?

And did you take before pictures of the bedroom so we can compare with the after? hehehe

p.s. Aren't we all doing new york next year? And by we all I mean the canadian bloggers. :P

CindyS said...

Hey Ames - I so love cats - kitten keeps us on our toes. Emma has either finally forgiven us for Pixie or she's coming out of a depression about Amber. All we know is she's acting different and sleeping in all sorts of new places and getting up on the computer desk (never did that) and sleeping while we're playing. Too cute!

I always end up on the wrong end of pictures. Usually because I never know when something 'new' is about to happen. But I will definitely be taking pics!

Really? I don't know - will have to catch up and see.


nath said...

So how did the BoJ turn out? Hope you enjoyed it more than I did :)

Too bad about Bob's business trip :) I know you've been wanting to go to NY City :) Hopefully, you'll make it there soon :)

and LOL, October? Of what year? :P

CindyS said...

Nath - I'm still reading it and I'm having the same issues you did - I keep hoping something will skip a beat and a new thing will happen. Hopefully this week I'll find more time to read. Like right now!