Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh

Okay, I love this series but I'm starting to find the sexual tension in the Psy books not so, uh, hot.

Cindy Blurb : Max Shannon is an excellent human cop and has even been noticed by the Psy who notice barely anything but themselves. Max has just caught a serial killer (Bonner) and is ready for the next stage of the case. Next stage? Justice Psy - J's for short - these are Psy who can get inside a criminal's brain and search out the true information of a crime from the distorted memory of the killer.

Sophia Russo is the J that shows up and is on the short list to be rehabilitated (basically stripped clean of everything - vegetablized). Apparently J's break and it's common for them to have to go to the rehabilitation center often for 'repair'. Sophia knows she doesn't have much longer and her cracks are obvious even to the medics but they want to keep her around as long as possible.

Max and Sophia notice each other and then work a case together. Sophia is all but dead and knows that she wants to explore the fascination she has for Max and hey, Max is already all for it.

And the dance begins.

Yep, there is a bunch I have left out buy hey, read the book. That said, how did I like it?

Ho-hum and I don't like saying it. I don't know, there is a sameness in the way a human/changeling has to approach a Psy and it has been covered in previous books in the series. It's slow because Psy are rarely touched so a simple kiss can cause them to black out. We've been there and seen it and sure, there are different Psy designation but we've seen the female Psy being seduced. Which might be why I loved Judd's book (male Psy) who had to overcome his sensations to be at least equal in dominance with his changeling mate.

Scary enough the parts of the book I really liked were with the secondary characters who have already had their stories told. In the end, I enjoyed the overall story arc about the Psy and what will come next in their fight for survival. Hell, I'm more intrigued now about members of the Psy council and I've always found those parts hard to figure out.

In the end, I think this series is supposed to be more about the Psy and their collective future but for me, it's more about the changelings and having read the excerpt for the next book all I can say is YEAH BABY!!

And Hawke and Sienna's book can't come fast enough.

All that said, this is not one of the books I'll remember in the series which makes me sad, but there it is. It's a good book but I felt I already knew the story.



Mollie said...

Bummer this one hasn't lived up to the rest in the series. I'm several books behind. The last book I read was Dorian's. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

CindyS said...

Hey Mollie! I would say you need to read Judd's book and Mercy's book - awesome but then I have a fondness for the changelings.


nath said...

The good news is that Hawke and Sienna's book is coming out some time next week :D So not too long to wait :D

The other good news is that the next Psy-changeling book is going to be Indigo and Drew and from the excerpt in the back, it's going to be hot! :D

I'm sorry you had the same issues as me. Unfortunately, it's just getting a tiny bit too repetitive and as you say, it's mostly because of the Psy. It'd be interesting perhaps to see another/different Psy male or someone that actually wants to break Silence and won't be too affected by touch.

Ah well, I'm sure Ms Singh will figure something out :)

By the way, it's really no surprise that you were interesting in the secondary characters that already had their story! It was very interesting :)

CindyS said...

Nath - next week? Or next year??? You're killing me - if next week I'm so all over it. But I'm doubting next week. Off to google and hunt it all down!!