Friday, August 20, 2010

Logical Sense? Nope.

Strap in. This one is downright crazy.

Last night I discovered an item was at my local store. In fact, this store showed it's inventory for the stores all around my home and they all showed stock.

All of them.

And the numbers were such that I knew I would get this item.


Only surprise, surprise, not excellent at all.

Instead my anger has been simmering at such a rate that a letter will be written to the Owner of these stores very soon. In fact, I was sure she was going to get a phone call tonight. Cause in the end, there is no logical sense for what I'm dealing with.

We've all heard of 'lay down dates' or something stupid and moronic like that. I mean seriously, the concept defies logic.

I didn't say 'they' whoever the corporate 'they' is don't have a reason, I'm saying it is completely illogical.

But really, screw all that.

It comes down to this.

If you own a business and decide for whatever reason to put up your inventory stats on your website so that your CUSTOMERS know where to go to buy an item - THEN FRIGGIN' SELL IT TO THEM WHEN THEY SHOW UP.

I'm livid. Like seriously out of sorts and I don't get that bad that often.

Back before the internet and in-store computers I didn't know what was and wasn't in stock unless I made a trip to the store. And, get this!! If the store didn't have what you were looking for they would check the stock room.

No way!!!

They checked the stock room!?


AND, if they had the item in the stock room they did this weird thing.

They sold it to you.

I know!!!

Such an odd concept.

Tonight a local store (who had 40 some odd 'items' in stock) refused to sell me the item because the 'release date' wasn't until next week.

Now, did I yell at the associate who was helping me?

No. It's not their fault. Not tonight (oy vey, the one from 3 weeks ago - I swear my hair was on fire).

She helpfully informed me that I could put the item on hold if I liked and me being me, said:

No thanks, someone will have the item out for sale.

To which she replied:

Oh, no, they shouldn't, they are all 'us' so they won't sell you the item.

Two phone calls later I found the store that would sell me the item cause you know what, it's on your friggin website showing you have stock.

You know what else happened?

I bought another 20 dollars worth of items at the other store.

Still, I have this foul taste in my mouth. I'm lit up about the way this was handled. I'm an avid itemer so yes, I will find the item or come back on the sale date.

You know who won't come back?

Those 10 other customers who were looking for a gift for a friend, colleague, child or whoever. You know those non-itemers. Those customers who would be just as happy to buy a different
item by a completely different manufacturer as long as it looks like the original item, who cares if it's a knock off.

Cause in the end, they don't need that one item.

You know, by that one creator.

That creator who would probably like to make the money than lose a sale or 10.

And why? Because some crybaby somewhere won't count sales before the release date.

I'm guessing this is because of some horribly convoluted math calculation that math geniuses the world over have been beating their brains out trying to solve.

"SHIT, how DO you count things that are sold before the sell date? HOW!? and OMG, which week of sales would we put that it!?"

The first week.

BOOM baby.

That's how you solve that math equation.


I can't believe there is this odd entity that doesn't want to separate me from my money. This entity has so much power it causes the creators, the manufacturers and the stores to all act like lunatics.

No, no, you keep your money, we don't want it yet.

Fine, how about you don't get my money at all.

Cause I met someone new and they were more than happy to take my money.


Edited: I will share with you the comparison I made to Bob tonight while trying to explain my frustration.

Imagine Home Depot got a load of specific 2x4's in stock but they refused to sell you any because they weren't allowed to sell them until next week.

Bob was sufficiently horrified and mumbled 'Home Depot would never do that to me'

And you know what, he's right!!


nath said...

Ohhh, Cindy ^_^; I am so sorry you went through this and I feel so responsible ^_^;

Looking from the store indicator of the bookstores in my region, I bet nobody has put it out yet either. I understand the strict release date policy, but it absolutely sucks as a concept. Yeah, yeah, the bookstores that don't adhere could be fined and penalized... but like you say, best idea? Take away the strict release date. First, it doesn't work anyway, because not everyone is respecting it and nobody really police it.

The thing is, this is not just a problem with Indigo/Chapters. Ah well.

I'm just glad in the end, you got it :) Let me know if it's good!

CindyS said...

Not your fault at all!! I think the store closest to me is trying very hard to piss off their customers. I was in their store on the release day for Lisa Kleypas' last book and the associate helping me said "We haven't unpacked the box yet so you should come back tomorrow"

Hair. On. Fire.

I didn't say anything because I think I was in shock. I should have asked for the manager because that's very poor customer service.

Last night I could tell the associate was embarrassed to have to tell me she couldn't sell me the book. So I wasn't angry with her.

What I find interesting is I can head to a pharmacy or Walmart and those books will be on the shelf - I guess they are too small to worry about the date. I used to be thrown when I would find a book at the pharmacy long before a release date - now I know where to go!

I do feel bad that the store could get fined but if I was the store, I wouldn't pay the fine. Don't ship the book early if you have a strict release date. If I was a store owner I would have the book on the shelf so that I would be sure to make the sales and customer service is the number one way to keep people coming to your store.

CindyS - ranty Mcranty today ;)

C2 said...

O M G...they actually said they hadn't unpacked the box so come back tomorrow?!?! There aren't enough managers in the world to satisfy my wrath with an employee like that. And I'm very calm usually. O:-)

Worst customer service EVER! I can't believe that person didn't get introduced to C-Rex. LOL

Kristie (J) said...

You have me very curious now as to what book you were hunting for!!!!!

CindyS said...

C2 - what saved her was it wasn't an Anne Stuart book - also I'm more tired this year than any other (I think the heat has wilted the C-Rex) so I shrugged and walked out the door. I didn't buy the book until a week later and I bought it somewhere else.

Kristie - since I'm sure Ms. Cole doesn't know about me I'll tell you it was Kresley Cole's newest. I've been waiting patiently cause the release date is the day before my b-day so I was being a good girl. Then I decided to check stock and BOOM - I had to have it now!!

How about you, what book were hunting down?


Kristie (J) said...

*g* I haven't been hunting. OK maybe last night I checked to see if Reckless was out yet, but didn't think it would be since it is still way to early. I was just wondering who it was that brought out C-Rex and if it was one I had to have too.