Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Week From Hell - OVER!!

Yay, I'm done!

And I have a cold trying to worm it's way into my body.

I said GOOD DAY!

(okay, you would have to be a 70's Show freak to understand that one. I'll have to see if I can find a clip - huh, no clips of Fez yelling 'I said GOOD DAY!')

I have been watching movies and reading intermittently. I keep watching the clock which is never good for reading.

OMG - did I tell you I cooked dinner twice last week? Yes. Me and the stove decided to get together. THEN I actually BBQ'd.

I know.

I live a charmed life.

If only I could have a charmed body.

My aunt gave me a chocolate bunny for Easter and I tried my 'joke' out.

Me: I'm gonna bite his bum and sure it'll hurt but his butt will be smaller!

(yeah, I'm a witty one)

Mom: *in sing song voice* And yours will be bigger.


Notice ouch is in that word.


nath said...

LOL about the bunny joke :) Sigh, to eat everything we want without gaining weight!

I'm glad the week from hell is over for you!!

C2 said...

Yay! I hate busy weeks. }:-(

I love chocolate bunnies, though. :o)